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Paul Stamets Six Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World

You may not have noticed but this is the first post in a new "Solutions" category for this site. I'll be going back through previous posts and connecting the appropriate posts to this category and begin to post more "Solutions" on a regular basis. While this Paul Stamets Ted talk isn't new I'm posting it […]

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Is Vaccine Induced AIDS Hidden In Statistics?

You've probably heard about it if you haven't actually read the report from about Vaccine Induced AIDS. The phenomena of drug induced AIDS actually goes back to the beginning of the AIDS epidemic and we clearly known about by players like Fraudulent Fauci back in the 1980s. How can we be sure? Well drugs […]

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Karen Kingston Pfizer Whistle Blower Digs Deeper

Karen Kingston, as a whistle blower has brought us very tangible facts that have teeth. This is likely because she is a former Pfizer employee so she brings us inside knowledge and this recent expose is no different. Here she exposes important patents that give us a hint at the real purpose of these Covid […]

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Delta Airlines Grabs Headlines To Save Their Industry?

Among the heated controversy over illegitimate experimental "vaccine" mandates throughout corporate America one company that is grabbing attention this week is Delta Airlines in their announcement that they didn't need to coerce their employees to get the jabs. They say they did it voluntarily: "By the time we’re done, we’ll be pretty close to fully […]

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Three-Legged Carbon Based Lifeform In Vax?

One of the popular trending stories from this past week is from the work of Dr Franc Zalewski who is an interesting expert with expertise in geology, mineralogy, archaeology, Egyptology, and hidden history. Not surprisingly his website has been down as he's likely being attacked for his recent work. What he's found is a […]

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Danger In The Skies | Mandates Crashing Airline Industry

One of the big news stories this week is the airline industry collapsing under an agenda to push an experimental and toxic injection into all of their employees. This is sparking walkouts by air traffic controllers and organized "sick days" in protest of these illegal corporate mandates. Southwest airlines cancelled 1800 flights on Monday claiming […]

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J&J - Dr Zandre Botha Reveals Self Assembly Nano Particles

Dr Zandre Botha is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor in South Africa who is training in live blood microscopy. She's been seeing the stacked rouleau formation in her patients that have had experimental covid injections. This has become common among live blood analysts like Dr Botha. Where she has taken this research a giant step further […]

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Are Vaccine Mandates Racist?

This video is going viral and there are good reasons for it. In only 2 minutes and 20 seconds Billy Prempeh sums up some important history of medical experimentation conducted on black people that is atrocious. The only other thing I'll say about this is that I would vote for this guy if I lived […]

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Must See New Dr Peter McCullough Presentation from Association of American Physicians

Look I know you've likely seen or heard a few interviews with Dr Peter McCullough and already know how solid his reputation is and might think "do I really need to hear him again?" But check this one out because he lays this out so succinctly it makes this a perfect one to share with […]

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CDC Lies Collapsing

One of the biggest new stories that broke recently is "Project Salus" which is a combined effort of DoD (US Dept of Defense) and JAIC (Joint Artificial Intelligence Center) to analyze data of 5.6 million Medicare recipients (65 and older) in healthcare outcomes. A lot of new data has come out of the acquisition of […]

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