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Cannabis To Replace Anti-Anxiety Meds?

A new study found that consuming cannabis may decrease a person's risk of anxiety and that continued consumption may make a person less anxious over time. Cannabis' calming effects are so powerful that lobbyists believe it will replace anti-anxiety medications in the near future. Dr. Carrie Cuttler, a researcher and clinical assistant professor at Washington […]

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Psychedelic Drug An as Anti-Depressant?

DMT, a powerful psychedelic drug derived from plants, may be an effective treatment for depression. According to scientists, the drug has a unique ability to change the molecular functioning of the human brain tissue. Study co-author, Professor Draulio Araujo (UFRN) said the study outline the possible mechanics that explains the potent anti-depressant effects of DMT. […]

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Beating Cancer With These Superfoods

Radiation and chemotherapy may be the treatments doctors recommend but fortifying your diet with superfoods could give you the fighting chance to beat the Big C. Superfoods are a special class of foods that are nutrient-dense and loaded with antioxidants. Studies show that antioxidants protect the body from free radical stress, keeping the cells healthy. […]

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How to Treat This Common Skin Problem

Did you know that contact dermatitis might not show symptoms immediately when exposed to an allergen? There are times when the inflammation is delayed for several days, making it hard for people to determine what's causing these annoying, itchy rashes that don't go away fast enough. Contact dermatitis is a common skin condition caused by […]

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The FDA Ignored The Dangers of This Vaccine, Pushed For Approval

Fluad, a flu vaccine that's linked to Gulf War Syndrome has been approved by the FDA. This, despite the long list of negative side effects. The controversial move seems to be in line with the FDA's accelerated approval process of pharmaceutical products despite the dangers of certain drugs. Fluad uses squalene as an adjuvant, a […]

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Common Household Item a Powerful Cancer Remedy?

Is it possible to cure cancer using household items? According to this report, a couple of cancer survivors, weary of using conventional cancer treatment, was able to cure their disease using basic kitchen staple: baking soda. Although the remedy requires in-depth testing and research, baking soda does possess healing properties because it is highly alkaline. […]

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