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Is Synthetic Biology Clogging Blood Vessels?

The concept of synthetic biology is foreign to most but it's been a deep area of research in secret projects for many decades probably first seen by most in the phenomenon called Morgellons disease. This syndrome, largely shrugged off by most doctors, involves strange fibers which come out of the skin of it's victims. It's […]

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Who Is Controlled Opposition?

This topic of "Controlled Opposition" is a big can of worms and some of the videos I've been watching and posting lately have been digging into this philosophically in ways that I feel are worth articulating here... We did our first episode of MediaPuppets on this topic so I'll embed that video on the bottom […]

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Monkeypox, Venom Peptides or Synthetic Biology?

Anyone that is still on the institutional media right now is likely freaking out about monkeypox. Is this worth the fuss or just more fear propaganda? Dr. Jennifer McQuiston of the CDC confirmed a case of monkeypox after four orthopox cases in New York City, Florida, and Utah. Monkeypox is part of the family of […]

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Media Puppets Controlled Opposition

Here's a project we've been working on for quite some time and finally have a first episode live! It's called "Controlled Opposition" with the Media Puppets and you can visit the site here. Please share your thoughts on this in the comments below and your thoughts on Geert Vanden Bossche as well as Del Bigtree […]

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The 5G Surveillance Grid Part 1

Recently I did a talk at a local group called "The 5G Surveillance Grid - Full Spectrum Dominance" which is the first of a series of talks I'll be conducting about 5G technology. Here's the outline (see video below) of what was covered in part 1: 5G Phones or Machine to Machine communication (IOT)? Wireless […]

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Ukrainian People's Truth

This post is dedicated to my Dad because I only wish he would read this and see this perspective. You don't usually see these kinds of posts here and this won't become a habit but having followed the lack of transparency in the western media on the Ukrainian conflict I just can't remain completely silent […]

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