De-Dolarization & Protecting Your Wealth From Globalist Thieves

When it comes to the value of the US Dollar on the global market it relies on the US dollar dominance that was setup primarily by Saudi Arabia in the international petroleum trade. That dominance is fading as the BRICS+ system is set to override it which is why we've focused a few recent posts […]

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Latest News on Health Tyranny

Since I don't get a chance to post these updates as frequently these days you'll be seeing posts like this summarizing the last couple weeks of interesting videos and trending subjects mostly related to health tyranny. One of the biggest new releases last week was the Stew Peters Produced documentary called "Died Suddenly" which cut […]

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Post Election Recent Videos

Now that the election is over (or at least the voting part since the counting of ballots is being dragged on...) here's our latest video update post to showcase some of the recent video shares we've had on the bitchute channel which you can visit and subscribe to right here: Starting with the most recent […]

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The Real Anthony Fauci Documentary Now Screening

As you may have heard RFK Jr published an incredibly popular book this year called "The Real Anthony Fauci" which was a bombshell. However it was a thick book and a lot to get through - the audiobook being a great alternative for those not into reading 400+ page books. What just came out is […]

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Featured Truth Videos Sept 2022 Part 2

These videos on this post are all over the board in terms of topics and while I apologize for that I'm also not sorry because I really like some of these videos despite the diverse topics encompassed here. Jay Dyer lately is one of my favorite thinkers of current time because he covers historical topics […]

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Dr Peter Breggin Mattias Desmet and Dr Robert Malone Controversy

One of the big controversies that's come up in the last few weeks is Dr Peter Breggin (author of Covid19 The Global Predators: We Are The Prey") has been exposing some hidden truths about the history and background of Mattias Desmet who authored a recent book called "The Psychology of Totalitarianism". He also in this […]

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