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Pfizer Lied Nurse Exposes Vaxxed Mom Catastrophe Data Hidden Under Fear & Intimidation

That headline is a serious mouthful but it's just a summary of the plethora of recent videos I've shared so we'll get to all of them here on this post. Before we get into the gory stuff here's some inspiration. This is a montage of protests from all over the world with a song that […]

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Nano Scale "Razor Blades" in Vax Graphene Hydroxide | Dr Andreas Noack (RIP)

One of the biggest stories going around this past week is that of the whistleblower Dr Andreas Noack in Germany who is/was (he was apparently killed shortly after this disclosure) a credentialed expert in the field of graphene nano materials even publishing a PhD thesis in this area of research. The video (below) has been […]

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Dr Zandre Botha Post Vax Detox Protocol

Of course we can't make any claims or guarantees that this protocol will work but Dr Zandre Botha showed some great before and after live blood images from some of her patients and it looks quite impressive. We'll share the images here as well as the video clip and the protocol notes which I took […]

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Dr David Martin Life Insurance Trap Trilogy

For the last week if you were looking over my shoulder you'd have seen me scouring all of the latest presentations by Dr David Martin. As far as the "Big Picture" of the Covid Plandemic I don't think there is a better source. So here I'm sharing three of these that I've listened to a […]

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Dr David Martin Straight To Human Protol Premeditated Murder

This recent presentation by David Martin from Clay Clark's event is a must watch. He covers the Covid-19 plandemic in precise detail with the meticulous quality of an attorney as well as the detail only a doctor could deliver - after all he is both. You can always access our videos quicker by subscribing to […]

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Thanksgiving Vaccine Mandate Updates

With so many cases challenging the OSHA mandates challenges pending in multiple appeals courts they do a lottery assignment so they all are decided in one circuit. The circuit that was chosen was the 6th circuit which appears to be a benefit to those apposed to the mandates. As a reminder the 5th circuit recently […]

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