De-Dolarization & Protecting Your Wealth From Globalist Thieves


When it comes to the value of the US Dollar on the global market it relies on the US dollar dominance that was setup primarily by Saudi Arabia in the international petroleum trade.

That dominance is fading as the BRICS+ system is set to override it which is why we've focused a few recent posts on this trend on our new site that focuses on how to protect your wealth with precious metals.

Our most recent post on this topic is called "De-Dolarization: When will US Dollar Dominance Fail?" which you can see right here:

Another one that is also very relevant on this topic is called "De-Dolarization: A Time To Invest in Precious Metals" which you can see right here:

Also the most recent post on a related topic is called: "What If: The Story of a Ponzi Scheme" which you can see right here:

I hope you enjoy the information in these posts. Please share your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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