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The Corona of 5G

We'll get to the corona part in a minute... The big 5G rollout is proceeding in a number of US cities starting today, January 19, 2022 after some delays due to a battle between the FAA and the FCC over safety concerns regarding interference of the 5G C-Band frequencies with electronic altimeter technologies that operate […]

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Did Dr Mike Yeadon Get Red Pilled?

To clarify this headline if Dr Mike Yeadon did get red pilled it had to be at least a year ago but he does seem to be going deeper down the rabbit hole in his recent interviews, especially considering his history as a high level Vice President of a division of Pfizer. Dr Yeadon has […]

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Was Your Lot a Toxic Death Shot?

Shocking new information has been coming out that is rather hard to believe, especially if you've only recently been "red-pilled" with the details of the deeper agenda behind the covid narrative. We've already reported on the inconsistency of the lots of covid-19 shots but more information has been coming out in the last few weeks […]

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Censored: Dr Robert Malone Is On Fire!

Dr Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology, is the latest casualty of the cancel culture as he was recently deplatformed from Twitter. No, he is not LITERALLY "on fire" but since his censorship from Twitter (500k+ subscribers gone in an instant) he has been doing a marathon of interviews including a big one on Joe […]

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If You're Vaxxed or Not Please Read This

This is a bit of a personal post... We've all been separated from certain friends in these last couple years so I decided to write this to my friend Aaron, who I considered a great friend years back, but this should ring to you as well no matter which side of the fence you've been […]

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Explained: Vax Induced AIDS & Graphene Nano Razors

These are two of the latest "conspiracy" ideas that are spreading like wildfire, likely for good reason and a determination to understand the truth about the effects and what is in the genetic code injection drugs that are being falsely called "covid-19 vaccines". The concept that drugs may induce the same or similar symptoms that […]

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