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Graphene Based Microchips Are Not New

Semiconductors of our "current" generation which are used in common computers and electronics are silicone based chips. These have certain limits on speed as well as limits on miniaturization in nanotech. Now with all the attention that the Covid jabs have brought to graphene oxide and graphene based technology there hasn't been enough attention on […]

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These Little Ones Full Documentary Film

Look this is a very serious subject matter, and very important. But it's not appropriate for children so please use discretion. This film, These Little Ones, was released yesterday on the Stew Peters Network on Child Trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse which has literally been going on for millennia. Subscribe below and on our bitchute […]

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Are Transmitted Toxins Polluting Human Blood?

The topic that's been called "shedding" may not be a phenomenon of literal shedding of viral particles (most likely it's nothing of the sort) but instead may in fact be an energetic effect of exuded nano particles which populate the perimeter of the human organism. Think of this perimeter akin to what's often referred to […]

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What Is Money, Really?

As the financial systems are collapsing worldwide it feels like there is a growing populace that is more interested in understanding this thing we call "money" now more than ever. After all this is something that has been used to enslave humanity for eons yet the general population only knows that they can exchange it […]

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Is This The Last Straw For the US Dollar?

The US dollar is rallying right now so why would it be "the last straw" for it? Geopolitics is complicated and other currencies such as the Euro are actually in far worse shape right now than the US dollar but ultimately that won't prevent it's collapse. The Euro and Japanese Yen will fall first but […]

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Concerned About Financial Markets?

From time to time I'll take a break from constant reading about the future of health and dig into the financial markets. By no means am I an expert in this area but it is an area that I've focused quite a lot of effort of understanding both the big picture perspective as well as […]

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