The Great Taking Documentary

David Webb was an insider in the financial industry and knows the intracacies of that industry like very few in the world and this new documentary exposes some deep secrets about "counterparty risk" in the entire system of finance. It starts with his story which is quite interesting and will give you an understanding about […]

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The Great Awakening Worldwide Premiere Full Documentary

This documentary by Mikki Willis of the Plandemic Series fame is spreading like a wildfire for good reasons. It lays out in a legandary cinematic portrayal the decades long scheme to push a globalism agenda which is summed up as the difference between individualism and collectivism. Watch this documentary and you'll see how collectivism is […]

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Did the Bible Tell The Whole Story of the Great Flood?

Since reading the Zecharia Sitchen book The 12th Planet over 20 years ago the subject of the Anunaki and ancient civilizations has always given me deep interest. Thinking back on that time it was probably a big eye opener for me ultimately leading down many different rabbit holes with an open mind to what might […]

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Fluoride - Poison on Tap Full Documentary

This documentary is from a few years ago but if you haven't seen it you won't regret spending the time to go through this. It's well worth your time and you'll learn a ton about the history of this toxic substance and agency capture which has led to the soft kill poisoning of Americans for […]

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Germ Theory Terrain Theory or Pleomorphism? Microbiome To The Rescue

Here's an intro to the concepts of Germ Theory versus the Terrain Theory with a bonus on how pleomorphism fits into this puzzle in the last video clip below. A lot of the alternative media seems to be calling out anyone supporting the terrain theory with the accusation of sewing division into the truth community. […]

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Agent Orange Dioxin Factory Created in Ohio Trainwreck

I just listened to a NYTimes "the daily" episode on the East Palestine toxic train derailment mostly out of curiousity about what they would and would not cover. Suffice it to say this was a "puff piece". Why a "puff piece"? Nearly a half hour of audio with so called experts and not a single […]

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