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Snake Venom Pharma Research

We posted recently about Dr Bryan Ardis's theory about snake venom toxins being the root of everything "Covid" as well as some potential remedies / anti-toxins that may be effective. While pharma labs are not likely milking snakes for their venom in their production facilities the use of venoms in pharma research is part of […]

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Snake Venom Detox Nutrition

Anyone that is actually bit by a snake should seek professional medical attention as soon as possible. We are posting this information for informational sake only and no medical claims are made to the efficacy of any of the ideas presented. We also don't sell any of these products and are not making any recommendations […]

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Is Everything Covid Based on Snake Venom Peptides?

This is clearly a bombshell and the topic is blowing up on the alternative media right now and I've been digging into this for the last week or so since the first info first started surfacing. Summary: Snake venom derived (possibly synthetic) peptides and proteins were the model used for creating the Covid-19 phenomena, this […]

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Doubling Down on Tyranny

As the war narrative runs full throttle distracting the public from the last two years of global lockdown tyranny the criminals who have perpetrated the fraud and deception of the public through a concerted media effort now hide behind the wall of war. Since this site is not about reporting on politics but rather exclusively […]

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Microscopy Nano Structures In Vax Vials

We've reported on this many times in the last couple years as research microscopy experts have managed to get a hold of Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vax vials and examined them under various types of microscopes. This one, however, is unique. Dr Matt Shelton and his team in New Zealand obtained Pfizer vax vials and […]

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Nano-Man Graphene Nanochip Radiation Deep Documentary

#NanoMan is a new documentary from #Ghostbusters who has done a number of great videos diving deep into the ongoing tyranny. This one goes into a subject that I continue to study intensively and it aligns very well with all of the study on related military technology. While this nano stuff sounds like science fiction […]

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