Dr Peter Breggin Mattias Desmet and Dr Robert Malone Controversy


One of the big controversies that's come up in the last few weeks is Dr Peter Breggin (author of Covid19 The Global Predators: We Are The Prey") has been exposing some hidden truths about the history and background of Mattias Desmet who authored a recent book called "The Psychology of Totalitarianism". He also in this same video exposed some of the financial background of Dr Robert Malone who still seems to be profiting dearly from pharma vaccine interests.

Here's the first video then I'll share my opinion on this subject and some more details and additional videos

I think the points that Dr Breggin brings up are interesting and should be noted. It's important to know the background when hearing concepts proposed by various influencers. I can't comment so deeply on this because I haven't yet read Desmet's book but I do plan to read it and will likely update this when I do.

I've seen a few other interviews with Desmet and while his past clinical work and potential failures to properly diagnose a mass murderer in Belgium is rather serious - my question is whether that should lead to a full dismissal of his historical account of what he and others are calling "mass formation"?

Here's his recent interview on TheHighwire with Del Bigtree:

He articulated these concepts quite well on that above interview.

Here's the rub - if Desmet is arguing that we should NOT try to stop the elites from taking over the world and blame it on the masses that are essentially hypnotized then I would agree with Dr Breggin's conclusion and we should dismiss Desmet. It doesn't seem from the above interview that Desmet is saying we should let the elite's get away with this. It actually seems he is saying the opposite and that we MUST speak out about this and spread the word and that is how we break the mass formation.

Here's another interview that Dr Peter Breggin had recently on the Pete Santilli show where he gets into more details about why he is speaking out against Mattias Desmet and Dr Robert Malone:

Now this last video isn't directly related to the Desmet Malone debate but we recently posted another interview that Dr Breggin did with Patrick Wood regarding Technocracy and the global elite totalitarian agenda. This may give you some perspective about where Dr Breggin is coming from:

As usual our videos can be found on our bitchute channel here:


What do you think about Mattias Desmet, the concept of Mass Formation, Dr Robert Malone and his financial backers, and about Dr Peter Breggin? Please share your thoughts in the comments below and if you found this post interesting please share it with your friends in any way you like.

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5 comments on “Dr Peter Breggin Mattias Desmet and Dr Robert Malone Controversy”

  1. Matthias Desmet is brilliant and right on. Malone is a great man of integrity and his speaking out has cost him so much.
    Breggin, back off. You are WAY off base. What the heck is motivating you with all of this???

  2. It really upsets me to see champions in the fight against medical tyranny [used as a tool to establish the totalitarian NWO] fight among themselves. This is precisely what the Masters of The Universe want - age old Divide and Conquer.

    I respect all of the parties involved. Breggin's criticism of Mattias Desmet was unjustified. Does Mattias Desmet's not recognizing and acting to prevent a patient from committing a mass murder, negate everything he has done or will do professionally? Of course not.

    Point of order, Dr. Malone did not author "Mass Formation", Dr. Desmet did. Breggin was wrong to link Dr. Malone to it.

    Dr. Malone is often doubted in some circles as controlled opposition. I recently had a disagreement with a friend over just this point. It does not matter to my friend that Dr. Malone did the following:
    1. Took 2 Covid shots so he could travel, and consequently almost died.
    2. Established the International Association of Physicians and Medical Scientists which has been calling for cessation of all Covid shots - mRNA and DNA vector and refers to the ongoing vaccination effort as Crimes Against Humanity.
    My friend thinks that because Dr. Malone was the pioneer in mRNA technology and has patents that pay royalties that he is a false activist. Malone has been clear that he could never solve some of the problems with the technology. The problems he encountered early on, was that the body breaks down "natural" mRNA in 12 hours, before it achieved the desired effect. He had wished to cure certain types of cancer. The scientists who have built on top of his work for evil purpose use a synthetic euripidine that allows the mRNA to last an unknown length of time which is responsible in part for the numerous side effects.

    I am of the mind that Dr. Malone should not voluntarily refuse his royalties, but use them to support his campaign against this mass vaccination die off,

    I have seen Dr. Judy Mikovits doubt the sincerity of both Dr. Malone and Dr. Richard Flemming. This infighting is counterproductive to fight we are all facing. It has to stop.

    I wish Dr. Peter Breggin had kept his mouth shut in this instance.

    1. Thanks Charles,
      I totally agree with your sentiment about all this internal divide and conquer. It's really sad.
      That's why I never posted anything about the lawsuits on this subject because it feels there are more important things to focus on.
      Also, after reading Dr Richard Fleming's book I really started to wonder about him so I decided to stop posting his stuff but not call him controlled opposition. It was mostly because I found his book to be mostly publishing documents and it wasn't much of a "read" at all. Maybe he just wanted those documents published so I can understand that and just let it go to see where he goes with further reporting of which I haven't really noticed much since the book was being promoted...

  3. I hope people read Breggin's book as well as Desmet's. Otherwise Breggin's interviews amount no more than free publicity for Desmet and Malone, both of whose credibility just burst into fllames to. Reggin & his wife's utterly competent research. [Media fact checkers should take a few lessons from both her execution & integrity.]

    Contemporary audiences have a soft spot for anybody who says what they want to hear -- on either side of the divide. People need to raise the bar for who earns their ear. And they need to do their own research.

    Deamet and Malone have no history of public service.
    Desmet wants to sell books and Malone wants the respect he never got throughout his career,

    Breggin, on the otherhand, is not just any old doctor in his twilight years. People need to know that Breggin dedicated the better portion of his career to fighting the good fight for American's medical rights .

    And THAT he's taken that battle to the highest levels of government, risking both name and career multiple times since the 1970s in order to salvage Americans' welfare from the clutches of a despotic, self-important & greedy healthcare system and its unethical phrmaceutical counterparts which have now overtaken our economy thru bribe subterfuge, coersion & predation.

    MOREOVER, thr greater part of his efforts focused on rescuing our most vulnerable demographics -- namely sick children, minorities, urban communities, veterans, mental health patients etc. -- from being systematically targetted for pharma's most egregiously destructive and nefarious experimentations.

    Malone knows he cant compete with. Reggin in a public forum. Thats why chooses to restrict thr dispute to court paperwork iaway from the spotlight, where a corrupt judge can be bought off silencng Breggin so that the facts of Malone's CV dont go *ahem* VIRAL.

  4. The Breggin's are fighting for, the love of, humanity. Dr-Industry-Malone is fighting because of a bruised ego and a lust for money & fame.

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