Controlled Opposition, Ideological Bias and Paradigm Shifts


Awhile back I wrote a few posts on Controlled Opposition and on one of them I broke down the different types of controlled opposition as I understand them.

I broke down the types of controlled opposition into 3 categories:

  • Financially Controlled Opposition
  • Philosophically or Ideologically Controlled Opposition
  • Blackmailed Controlled Opposition

You can read more about the basis for this in my original post here.

The purpose of that original post was really just to get you to think about the people you follow and what may be influencing their sentiment, what they say and how they view "the truth".

This brought up some questions and even some concern by some of our subscribers who seemed to kind of misunderstand my point in thinking that I was calling out ideologically controlled opposition, who are quite literally indoctrinated into their belief system, as liars.

My point was not to say that ALL controlled opposition publishers are liars. In fact the point was exactly the opposite!

After all most people probably don't think about the middle group and my argument is that they are NOT liars but in fact believe what they are conveying IS the truth when in fact they may be on the old side of a paradigm shift that the popular opinion is awakening to. You are of course welcome to disagree with this argument and type in some comments on this post about why you disagree but that is my argument.

With this in mind here I'll expand on the concepts of controlled opposition, opposition bias and paradigm shifts and how this relates to the court of public opinion and what we see as "truth". Popular opinion is, after all the true voice of the people regardless of the potential conflict with a mainstream narrative.

Every single one of you on this planet has a life trajectory that is unique to your life and what you go through and this creates your unique (cultural) bias which is essentially the lens you see the world through. The more cultures you are exposed to as you grow up the more diverse your cultural bias would be.

This bias is not fixed, you can always change it if you are determined to accomplish this and do the work that is required to see the world in a new light. You might describe this as a type of pardigm shift that you'd experience in your life.

If your career is oriented around science the individual mentors who you were exposed to would have a large influence on your scientific bias. This could be for better or worse depending on who you are mentored by and who you work with.

Interestingly some that are exposed to extremely corrupt science such as was apparently the case with Dr Judy Mikovits and her work with Anthony Fauci can actually spin a rebellious bias against the corruption that has plagued the scientific community. In her case it catapulted her to reject mainstream corrupt science and write her series of books on the "Plague of Corruption". One could argue Dr Mikovits had a paradigm shift in this outcome becoming quite the whistleblower about the ingredients in vaccines and other corruptions in medical practice.

I feel that my upbringing and being influenced by my Dad, who is a very mainstream doctor, had a similar effect on me. This is at least partially why my bias had evolved many years ago into a hardened anti-pharma person that is also highly skeptical of what's now often referred to as "scientism" (the concepts that science has turned into more of a religion with the scientific method being rejected in favor of the almighty dollar based on who is paying for the "research"). I guess that could be part of the reason that over these last few years I've consistently maintained my health throughout and never felt the need for even the praised ivermectin instead focusing on non-pharma natural, herbal and energy medicine.

So I probably went through my paradigm shift decades ago when I moved to Oregon, which at the time was a bastion of natural health. Since then a great deal of the populace here has been co-opted to believe the decades long programming by what is lately being referred to a "liberal" media. The liberal media label may in fact be part of the divide and conquer strategy because really all mainstream media, no matter what the station's call letters or whether they lean left or right, are in fact ALL sponsored in one way or another by Pfizer and Big Pharma. If the sponsorship is not direct the funding sources will always lead through the quagmire network of so called philanthropic foundations, which ultimately leads to the same Rockefeller or George Soros cartels of NGOs that sponsor state terrorism and regime change on a global scale.

I believe culturally the entire world is going through a large scale version of this sort of paradigm shift right now due to the way of the "powers that be" responded to the covid-19 fiasco. It's some sort of awakening which is multi-faceted but I believe the roots are in a large population base being shocked into realizing that the core scientific establishment is based on fraud.

That rabbit hole is rather deep and different prominent doctors have gone down it to different levels and therefore express differing opinions on how they see the situation. The cultural bias lens that they see the world through is morphing in realtime as they do more and more "truth" interviews.

Does it mean that these "respectable" doctors that may only be just below the surface of that rabbit hole are lying because they may not expose "the whole truth"?

My answer to that would be absolutely not.

We all have different beliefs and these may have something to do with how far down we've gone. Your beliefs may not be as extreme as mine. I was lucky to find an old copy of Jon Rappaport's book "AIDS Inc." at an estate sale in the 1990's and it definitely opened me up early to just how corrupt pharma can be and how long lasting public opinion can be influenced by corruption. After all most of our population didn't realize how much of a scam AIDS was until RFK Jr published "The Real Anthony Fauci" in 2021.

Books like RFK's (more than Jon Rappaport's unfortunately) can trigger a global paradigm shift against the scientific establishment. These effects are clearly timely because the general populace wasn't ready for such a shift in the late '80's when I believe AIDS Inc was first published. It took a cultural upheaval of lockdowns, destroyed businesses and a forced "vaccine" agenda to trigger this latest paradigm shift of awakening to the extreme levels of corruption in science and captured government agencies.

I personally hope this leads to a full rejection of the frauds behind the germ theory of disease and a full embrace of the importance of the terrain theory. The work of Antoine Bechampe needs to be understood. He was an adversary of Louis Pasteur and published numerous experiments to debunk the germ theories of disease put forth by Pasteur.

These concepts have been exponentiated in the concepts of viral cause of disease as exposed quite articulately by Drs. Andrew Kaufman, Stefan Lanka and Thomas Cowan among others.

When the realization that pretty much all peer-reviewed scientific journals are in on a fraud that skews science towards one or another political direction it's obvious we can't rely on it for anything.

In closing, will the collapse of science and medicine we are witnessing right now be just part of the ultimate collapse of our industrial civilization?

I don't know the answer to that but it sure seems like the general public opinion is very concerned about this type of question and is now rejecting the media narratives that have driven society for far too long. Regardless of where some indoctrinated "truthers" may be in their life path it's important to realize that many that may be in some ways incorrect about what they believe are often well meaning and not intentionally trying to deceive you.

Since this was a rather serious post I'll lighten this up a bit with a funny parody of a Beach Boys song by The Babylon Bee:

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