Did the Bible Tell The Whole Story of the Great Flood?


Since reading the Zecharia Sitchen book The 12th Planet over 20 years ago the subject of the Anunaki and ancient civilizations has always given me deep interest. Thinking back on that time it was probably a big eye opener for me ultimately leading down many different rabbit holes with an open mind to what might be found.

By no means would I claim, however, to be a Bible scholar but I do have many friends who are biblical scholars. I think quite a few of them are actually open to these stories and the potential reality of these ancient civilizations. Still I'm sure some will not like this post but I think knowing our true history is important enough that sharing these well made videos that go deep into these stories are very important, especially in the time we live right now.

Author and Scholar Paul Wallis who is featured in these videos is also featured in many other videos on this channel and written numerous books on these subjects.

After watching these 3 videos it has sure intrigued me to dig into more of the videos @the5thkind on youtube and possibly read some of the books by the author. These three videos together make up a full feature length documentary, so get comfortable with your favorite beverage and enjoy these!

Let's get right to these videos...

Part 1: WHY ARE WE HERE? A Scary Truth Behind the Original Bible Story | Full Documentary

Part 2: WHY ARE WE HERE? (II) - A Scary Truth Behind the Original Bible Story Part 2 | Full Documentary

Part 3: Why Are We Here (III) The Sky Council - A Scary Truth of the Original Bible Story - Documentary

Please share this post with anyone you feel would be intrigued by this series and join the conversation in the comments below and let us know what you think about ancient civilizations, the great flood, etc.

Featured Photo By Lisa Zins

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