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Now that the election is over (or at least the voting part since the counting of ballots is being dragged on...) here's our latest video update post to showcase some of the recent video shares we've had on the bitchute channel which you can visit and subscribe to right here:

Starting with the most recent and moving back in time this first video is an interview with Dr Ed Group and Mike Adams which covered some deep topics including supplements for detoxing synthetic biology (synbio) nano-structures inherited from covid jabs.

Check it out here:

Next are a couple recent Greg Reese Reports. He's great at making these short and punch videos that are great to share!

Of course if you want to share the videos directly instead of sharing this post with all of these videos - you can do so from the bitchute channel here:

Communist China Rigging Elections with Konnech Inc

California Castrating Children from All 50 States:

Greg Reese Report - World War Trans

Also here's a new video interview with Todd Callender with Mike Adams where they discuss synthetic biology (synbio) a subject which we've covered extensively here on so this may not be a new subject if you've followed our work but still this is an interesting interview:

Next is RedPilledTV - Hidden History of the Khazar Kingdom

Next is Dr Sam Sigoloff a US Army Doctor who is being censored and cancelled for his research and truth about the covid fake vaccines:

Mark Passio on Natural Law and Occult Opposition

Kay Rubicek on CCP Atrocities Mike Adams Interview

Dharma Acharya discusses Principles of Perfect Leadership

Jay Dyer - Occult Control Over the State Exposed

Karen Kingston uncovers patents revealing cognitive action synthetic biology structures in vaccine

To access these videos directly for sharing specific ones use the link below to visit our channel and you'll find them in the most recent videos along with plenty of others

Here's the channel where you can also subscribe to get notified when we post:

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