Germ Theory Terrain Theory or Pleomorphism? Microbiome To The Rescue

Here's an intro to the concepts of Germ Theory versus the Terrain Theory with a bonus on how pleomorphism fits into this puzzle in the last video clip below.

A lot of the alternative media seems to be calling out anyone supporting the terrain theory with the accusation of sewing division into the truth community. I hear things like "In this time we need to be a team and go against the real enemy" referring to the globalists and elites.

But isn't the real enemy the lies and that we should stand above all else on truth?

And at the same time the most cutting edge aspects of health are in the areas of the microbiome and epigenetics. Epigenetics is clearly a concept that the "thought police" don't seem to want you to understand. It's the concept that your environment and perceptions turn on and off your genes and lend credibility to the idea that genetics is nothing but eugenics without the understanding of epigenetics.

And maybe the real truth is that the root of disease is "mostly" from a disruption in the commensal bacterial colony which IS your birthright. These are the communities of microbiology which you should be born with that are passed on from the mother to the child but disrupted by many factors including c-section births, antibiotics, etc.

Another thing that I have heard attributed to Antoine Bechampe (considered by some to be the father of terrain theory) but which I can't yet seem to confirm is that he said:

with every failed theory comes an ounce of truth

Instead the most famous quote that is confirmed from Bechampe is this one:

"The most serious disorders may be provoked by the injection of living organisms into the blood, into a medium not intended for them, may provoke redoubtable manifestations of the gravest morbid phenomena."

This is obviously important in our current time of untested pharma products being pushed on the public for injection into the public.

But if Bechampe really believed that every failed theory, the germ theory of disease for example, contained an ounce of truth doesn't it really shed a lot of light on this debate between terrain theory and the germ theory of disease?

Keep in mind that Bechampe was a contemporary to (and arguably a much more advanced scientist than) the famous scientist Louis Pasteur. Bechampe claimed Pasteur plagiarized his work but got it all wrong.

Here's a story from my life that brings some perspective on this subject from my life.

I work out at home and use my elliptical with bare feet. If you've ever used an elliptical for long workouts you know that it gets pretty sweaty. Sadly I don't find myself cleaning the foot trays after every sweaty workout. After a week or so it can get pretty grimy on those trays. If I don't clean them at that point in the next day or two I'll start getting a bit of itchy feet, often called "athletes foot" right?

Does this mean that I've caught athletes foot from someone?

One could only I argue that I caught it from myself!

I would argue that the toxins that I sweated out would start to accumulate on the foot trays which start breeding a toxic environment that may include some bacteria and fungus which then find my epidermis to also be a good place to grow.

The most important part to consider is the toxic component in contrast to a contagion component.

I clean the trays when I notice that and a couple sprays with nano-ionic silver and the itchiness goes away. After all I got rid of the true source of the problem, the dirty foot trays and cleaned up my feet well.

Getting to the core of the debate I like to reflect on the geoengineering component because ignoring what is so endemic in our environment is a catastrophic mistake. So if there are nano toxins being aerosolized and sprayed in our environment and that these could be the core issue with the lack of wellness in our culture, is there really a need for "contagion" in most disease conditions?

After all what is an engineered, "gain of function" virus but a nano-toxin?

I justify this statement in the understanding that a toxin is simply a substance which is not recognized as beneficial. Viruses are nano sized. Bio-engineer them and encapsulate them in lipid nano-particles for an injection vector (delivery) or aerosolize them for spraying in the environment and breathed into the lungs, regardless of the pathway it is recognized as a toxin and nothing more.

This interview shares some updated information on this subject:

This mini post was written to highligh two different perspectives going on right now in terms of understanding what we are dealing with in our environment and how it is affecting human blood.

First is the concept of toxic blood as a result of toxic injections and possibly PCR tests and mask wearing in addition to possible "shedding" of toxins:

This video is a clip from the full video which can be seen here.

The other side of this gets into the concept of pleomorphism and the "pleomorphism in reverse" phenomena that seems to be going on in healthy blood and how this could be misinterpreted as being from toxic injections/shedding. In this case it's argued that what you are seeing here in the blood is in fact pleomorphism in reverse with a discussion that this phenomena may in fact be what Royal Rife was seeing in his microscopes when he was disassociating microbials into debris or what Bechampe called microzyma:

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