Agent Orange Dioxin Factory Created in Ohio Trainwreck


I just listened to a NYTimes "the daily" episode on the East Palestine toxic train derailment mostly out of curiousity about what they would and would not cover. Suffice it to say this was a "puff piece".

Why a "puff piece"? Nearly a half hour of audio with so called experts and not a single mention of dioxins!

We'll get back to that but first some background on this story in case you may somehow have not heard.

On February 3rd a Southern train derailed after an apparent bearing failure caused an axle fire which was somehow unnoticed for some 30+ miles during which numerous sensors that should have notified the conductors simply failed.

What followed this is the worst part of the story.

Many train cars loaded with toxic chemicals were dumped into a pit and ignited in an UNCONTROLLED burn.

It has been reported that there were many cars loaded with toxic vinyl chloride monomer (as a compressed gas) as well as other cars loaded with polyvinyl chloride pellets (solid).

Mainstream media sources including the puff piece from the NYTimes mentioned call the burn a "controlled burn" but a "controlled burn" by definition controls the amount of fuel and oxygen and regulates the temperature. This was clearly an open pit "uncontrolled burn" regardless what the lying media is saying.

Are these vinyl chloride and PVC chemicals actually what was on the train?

At this point we can only speculate that there were toxic chemicals but without a manifest from the train and without real chemical analysis of the toxic burn that followed we won't know for sure.

What we do know is that it has been reported that over 40,000 animals downwind of the burn site have died including both animal pets and farm animals. We can also be sure that if there were indeed cars full of vinyl chloride monomer and polyvinyl chloride pellets burned together would potentially have created the worst dioxin release in the history of chemical spills.


It has been a month since the Feb. 3 derailment of a Norfolk Southern train carrying toxic chemicals in East Palestine, Ohio. Since then, over 43,000 aquatic animals have died in and around East Palestine, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).

The derailment killed an estimated 38,222 minnows and around 5,550 other small fish, crayfish, amphibians, and macroinvertebrates. ODNR’s research claims that these animals died immediately, meaning animals in the affected streams are not still suffering from the incident.

In the puff pieces that the dinosaur media still reports they discuss the (clearly captured) EPA and local authorities testing the water and air and say everything is fine. What they don't tell you is that they intentionally only test for VOC and other general tests but avoid testing for dioxins.

From :

During last night's public meeting, about 200 residents showed up in the high school auditorium. Frustration quickly erupted when EPA regional administrator Debra Shore told residents:

"EPA monitors have not detected any volatile organic compounds above levels of health concerns in the community that are attributable to the train derailment."

The situation worsened when Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw was a no-show again to the public meeting. Instead, Darrell Wilson, an official with Norfolk Southern, attended the meeting. He told concerned residents:

"We're ready to start tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. … That is not our decision to make. We are no longer in control of the site.

"We're going to do the right thing. We're going to do the right thing. We're going to clean up the site. We're going to clean up the site."

While Wilson was speaking, a woman in the crowd yelled:

"You should have done it right the first time."

When authorities insist there is no difference between the general term VOC (volatile organic carbons) regardless of what chemical produces the VOC and are only testing for VOC and not doing important dioxin testing of water and soils in the area you can be sure they are lying.

The huge plume of black smoke seen during this burn is proof that it was not a clean burn. The black represents all the noxious chemical compounds formed during the burn, among those are the horribly toxic dioxin chemicals.

Why not do the proper testing right away? What could they possibly want to hide when so many animals have already perished from this disaster?

If they test for dioxins right away and show their presence then they most likely will have to evacuate an entire city of East Palestine and potentially other surrounding areas.

Do they really think that if they don't do these tests they will get away with this? I guess the answer to this is how deep the corruption goes in America right now...

Dioxins are a group of toxins which are called "Persistent Bio-accumulative Toxins" (PBT) which literally are the most persistent toxins known to man. By "persistent" it means they literally last at least thousands of years and require incineration above 2000 degrees centigrade to eliminate about 99% of them. They are called "bio-accumulative" because they are carried up the food chain making humans at incredible risk of safety in our food supply as being on top of the food chain.

The problem with this particular disaster is that not only is it likely a dioxin nightmare (we won't know the extent until independent sample testing is completed) but this site likely has dozens or potentially hundreds of other toxic materials that were released during this negligent open burn.

There has apparently been no actual disclosure about which chemicals were actually in the cars so mixing all these unknowns is likely going to result in multi-generational exposure on these farms and natural landscapes.

Dioxin compounds accumulate and are carried largely in fatty compounds so their contamination is often spread in animal products such as meat and dairy products.

2378TCDD is the most toxic dioxin compound known and is the same dioxin used as a biological warfare agent called Agent Orange, known for it's deforestation effects in Vietnam as well as catastrophic diseases and birth defects in the soldiers and Vietnamese who were exposed to it. These are the worst and most persistent toxins known to man.

These compounds are produced when chlorine molecules are burned. Vinyl chloride monomer (an industrial chemical) should never be burned in an open pit. To top it off they added pellets of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is a more stable substance but still a chlorine compound thus would produce even more dioxins when burned in such a negligent manner.

With the blatant disregard of human an animal health the biggest question is whether this was actually an act of sabotage designed to pollute the area and/or part of a larger overall depopulation agenda.

Since I'm in the speculative area already could this be part of a further agenda to weaken America by hitting the heartland, known Amish farming communities in order to further weaken our food supply.

Of course the real question is how could this administration allow this to happen?

The transportation secretary is clearly out to lunch and not doing his job. Meanwhile Biden is dancing around in Ukraine delivering them the next pile of billions of dollars crippling our military and leading us closer and closer to a fiscal collapse.

Back to Ohio some of us would just like to see some real action.

Dioxin testing is not cheap and easy. Estimates are that each soil sample test would cost upwards of $1000 and that would just be for ONE match such as 2378 TCDD. This of course could be a good marker and a decent place to start.

Independent testing is already underway but it does take time to get these results. It sure would be nice if the EPA would actually get out of bed and do some real testing and be transparent with the results.

A report from the DailyMail says that 8 chemicals were found in the area where they tested including acrolein. It doesn't mention anything about whether they tested for dioxins and keep in mind these are some of the most expensive tests to conduct and if the Texas A&M team who did the research is not hiding anything they should have said they tested for dioxin and found normal low levels:

Acrolein was calculated to be the biggest concern for residents, the Texas A&M and Carnegie Mellon University researchers found, according to CNN.

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, acrolein is either a clear, colorless gas or a pale yellow, strong-smelling liquid.

It evaporates easily at normal temperatures, producing toxic concentrations.

It is poisonous no matter what the exposure route is. It causes inflammation and irritation of the skin, respiratory tract and mucus membranes.

After it is inhaled, it can cause delayed pulmonary edema — excess fluid in the lungs.

This can lead to coughs, chest pain and fatigue.

It is formed when fossil fuels are burnt and is also a by-product of fires.

The other eight chemicals found to be at higher than normal average concentrations are: benzene, vinyl chloride, butadiene, naphthalene, o-Xylene, trichloroethylene, trichloroethane and butadiene.

Is this avoidance of the type of science that could clarify what's going on intentional in order to avoid liability and due to corruption that runs deep in our current administration? And what about the ownership of the railroad company being largely Blackrock and other hedge-funds which may have deeply corrupt ties to authorities overseeing this incident?

From The Guardian:

It is well documented that burning chlorinated chemicals like vinyl chloride will generate dioxins. “Dioxin” is the name given to a group of persistent, very toxic chemicals that share similar chemical structures. The most toxic form of dioxin is 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin or TCDD. TCDD is more commonly recognized as the toxic contaminant found in Agent Orange and at Love Canal, New York and Times Beach, Missouri, both sites of two of the most tragic environmental catastrophes in US history.

Dioxin is not deliberately manufactured. It is the unintended byproduct of industrial processes that use or burn chlorine. It is also produced when chemicals such as vinyl chloride are burned such as occurred in East Palestine.

The organization I work for, the Center for Health, Environment & Justice, has worked with communities affected by dioxins for over 40 years. We have seen the impact of exposure to dioxins in communities from Love Canal and Times Beach to Pensacola, Florida. And now, we are asking, why isn’t EPA testing for dioxins in East Palestine, Ohio? Are dioxins present in the soil downwind from the site of the accident?

At a townhall meeting in East Palestine last week, people talked about what it was like when the black cloud reached their property. One person who lived 15 miles away described burned ash material from the fire that settled on her property. Another who lived 3 miles away described how the black cloud completely smothered his property. Repeatedly people asked: was it safe for my kids to play in the yard? Is it safe to grow a garden? What is going to happen to my farm animals?

These are important questions that deserve to be answered. Today there are no clear answers. Why? Because no one has done any testing for dioxins anywhere in East Palestine. No one. And, it seems, that the EPA is uninterested in testing for dioxins, behaving as though dioxin is no big deal.

And what about the report of leaked audio revealing US rail workers were told to stop marking railcars for repair?

Also from The Guardian:

In late 2016, Stephanie Griffin, a former Union Pacific carman, went to her manager with concerns that she was getting pushback for tagging – or reporting for repair – railcars. Her manager told her it was OK to skip inspections.

Griffin asked if the manager could put that in writing. “That’s weird,” said the manager. “We have 56 other people who are not bad-ordering stuff out there. You’re definitely not going to get in trouble for it.”

Griffin said: “He refused to bad-order [mark for repair] cars for bad wheel bearings. My boss took issue with it because it increased our dwell time. When that happened, corporate offices would start berating management to release the cars.”

No conflict of interest here, right.

Nothing to see here just keep moving...

You can always count on Natural News for the bottom line:

The devastating environmental catastrophe that occurred in East Palestine, Ohio has resulted in severe contamination of the air, soil, and water in a vast area of the region. This prompts the question of how much, if any, of the food grown in that region will be safe for consumption, according to a whistleblower who spoke to The Economic Collapse Blog...

She told me that her “son-in-law manages three organic food farms in California, Idaho, and Washington State”, and that he is “warning family and friends to get ready for severe food shortages starting this spring”. Apparently there are several factors that will cause food supplies to be tighter, and one of the biggest is the fact that the “Ohio spill has contaminated a lot of land and water”. Apparently there is a scramble “to find clean food” and her son-in-law is receiving lots of phone calls from buyers in the eastern half of the nation that want to buy what his farms are producing.

Here's some of the things we've heard are good for detoxing dioxins, but keep in mind these are not things you want to be exposed to at all!

Detox: Green Tea, chlorella, seaweed, activated charcoal, chlorophyll, chlorine dioxide, etc. There is hope just do your best to avoid exposure as much as humanly possible.

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