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Since I don't get a chance to post these updates as frequently these days you'll be seeing posts like this summarizing the last couple weeks of interesting videos and trending subjects mostly related to health tyranny.

One of the biggest new releases last week was the Stew Peters Produced documentary called "Died Suddenly" which cut to the depth of the biggest issues facing humanity right now. This is of course the undisputed fact that a lot of people have been dying suddenly since the rollout of these experimental jabs and the mainstream still won't address it.

Check out the film here and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Another notable interview that came on my radar recently was one with Dr Francis Boyle who is a biological weapons expert who actually wrote the biological weapons treaty back in 1989 if I recall the year.

In this interview Dr Boyle shares some serious details about why the covid jabs qualify as full scale biological weapons so I urge you to spend the time and listed to this even if you speed it up to 1.5x speed since it is rather long:

There was also a great interview on excess mortality with Ed Dowd who is quite the expert on statistics and statistical analysis so check this out if you want to know the truth about the scale of what's actually going on right now:

Here's a good legal update with attorney Robert Barnes on his lawsuit with Children's Health Defense vs Pfizer over childrens covid vax lies and related fraud so you can see how the judicial branch of our government is acting lately over serious conflicts of interest:

Sean Stone and Vivian Kubrick Expose the Psyop of Media Feeding Cultural Decline:

Jay Dyer and Mike Adams discuss the global human resistance movement against obedience and tyranny:

Jay Dyer - US Economy The Federal Reserve System is Like the FTX Scam:

Here are the most recent Greg Reese Reports:

This was one of the more revealing Dr Robert Malone interviews that I've heard. While I don't 100% trust all of the information propagated by Malone due to his deep background in Pharma it does seem like his cancellation status makes him worthy to listen to at times.

Dr. Robert Malone talks mRNA, FDA criminality, depopulation and WEF agendas with Mike Adams:

We've also posted many more recent trending videos on our bitchute channel which you can visit here:

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Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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