Featured Truth Videos Sept 2022 Part 2


These videos on this post are all over the board in terms of topics and while I apologize for that I'm also not sorry because I really like some of these videos despite the diverse topics encompassed here.

Jay Dyer lately is one of my favorite thinkers of current time because he covers historical topics so thoroughly digging deep into important books from our past that most of us have not studied and he understands them so well that he can explain them in super simple terms.

Here Jay Dyer discusses the Real Illuminatti is the British Empire:

In this next video Jay Dyer discusses the Coming Collapse Proof We Are Under Siege Divide-Conquer and Self-Destruction:

The third in today's Jay Dyer trilogy is his video Illuminati Billionaires Created Communism:

Catherine Austin Fitts Explains Executive Order 14067 and Social Credit System:

This next one may seem way out in left field but I found it quite interesting and had to post it. It's from a man who has studied the history of psychedelic drug use in ancient cultures and found a clear association with human sacrifice and cannibalism:

Next here we'll catch up on recent videos from Del Bigtree on TheHighwire and the clips released from the upcoming Plandemic 3 The Great Awakening from Mikki Willis who has teamed up with Del Bigtree to publish this new documentary which is set for release soon. Also in the mix for the new documentary is comedian JP Sears.

Shortly once it finishes transcoding we will have Part 1 of Del Bigtree's recent interview "The Real Alex Jones"

right here 😉

Here's this past weeks Jefferey Jaxen Report covering important disregarded news topics:


Mikki Willis JP Sears Del Bigtree Interview on upcoming Plandemic 3 The Great Awakening

Plandemic 3 The Great Awakening Extended Trailer

plandemic trailer here

Plandemic 3 Premiere Live Watch Party Part 2 Bad Medisin Trailer

Plandemic 3 Premiere Live Watch Party Part 3 Scenes from Plandemic 3 The Great Awakening

We'll finish with an important interview with Dane Wigginton from geoengineeringwatch.org from Mike Adams (audio only)

There are many more videos that I didn't have time to post here but you can always see them and even subscribe to our bitchute channel so you can be notified when we post videos almost on a daily basis. Check it out right here:


What are your thoughts on the diverse topics that were discussed in these videos here? Please share them in the comments below and if you found this post to be helpful go ahead and share it with your friends in any way that you can get it to them!

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