How A Vegan Healed Himself Of Cancer

A cancer survivor was able to heal himself and make a recovery by revamping his lifestyle and diet. According to Tom Arguello, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer, going vegan was the first step towards healing his body from the deadly disease. Studies show that the modern Western diet increases the risk of chronic diseases, […]

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This Disease is More Widespread in Impoverished Populations

A new study found that smoking disease and deaths caused by respiratory ailments are on the rise among impoverished populations.  According to the Lead author of the study, Laura Dwyer-Lindgren, they have yet to figure out why the death rates have increased dramatically in these areas. However, she noted that death rates do change over […]

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Don't Let The Size Of This Gland Fool You

We all know that the thyroid secretes important hormones to regulate the metabolic rate but did you know that this small gland affects virtually all the systems of the human body? The functions of the thyroid is not limited to producing hormones. It plays key role in the digestive, skeletal, and circulatory system, just to […]

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Better Alternative To THIS Common Pain Medication

If you suffer from common aches and pains, you probably take painkillers, such as ibuprofen, to make the pain go away. But did you know that turmeric may just be as powerful in relieving pain as OTC painkillers? A new study found that the anti-inflammatory polyphenol in turmeric helps reduce pain and ease muscle swelling […]

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Cannabis To Replace Anti-Anxiety Meds?

A new study found that consuming cannabis may decrease a person's risk of anxiety and that continued consumption may make a person less anxious over time. Cannabis' calming effects are so powerful that lobbyists believe it will replace anti-anxiety medications in the near future. Dr. Carrie Cuttler, a researcher and clinical assistant professor at Washington […]

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Psychedelic Drug An as Anti-Depressant?

DMT, a powerful psychedelic drug derived from plants, may be an effective treatment for depression. According to scientists, the drug has a unique ability to change the molecular functioning of the human brain tissue. Study co-author, Professor Draulio Araujo (UFRN) said the study outline the possible mechanics that explains the potent anti-depressant effects of DMT. […]

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