Is Fluoride Bad for You? It’s Not Just in the Water

Flouride is a type of mineral that promotes better dental health. This mineral has been added to the public water supply to reduce the risk of cavities. But it is safe? Since fluoride was added to the country's water supply, there was a significant decline in cavities, particularly during the 60s. However, fluoride isn't all […]

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What You Need to Know About Vaccination for Babies and Pregnant Women

Immunization seems to be a standard health practice among expectant mothers. Vaccination is also a critical part of keeping children safe from common diseases... or so we were made to believe. The hidden dangers of immunization have been well-documented. This report outlines the dangers of vaccination among pregnant women and children. This report also explores […]

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UFC Fighter Loses Son to Vaccination Side Effects?

UFC fighter Nick Catone is mourning the loss of his son, Nicholas, who died unexpectedly a few days after receiving the DTaP vaccine. According to Nick and his wife Marjorie, Nicholas was a perfectly healthy baby prior to his vaccination. There were no signs that could've clued the couple in on their baby's health. The […]

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Treating These Diseases with Cannabis?

Despite what anti-legalization lobbyists say, there are pieces of scientific evidence that point to the health benefits of medical marijuana. The active compounds found in cannabis reduce inflammation and heal chronic disease. And when in doubt, this report outlines all the amazing health benefits of cannabis. Although more research and testings are needed to substantiate […]

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Re-Balancing the Hormones to Curb Weight Gain?

If you are one of the millions of people who seem unable to lose weight at all, imbalanced hormones may be curbing your weight loss efforts. The good news is, there is no need to waste money on diet fads and gimmicky weight loss strategies that don't show real results. All you have to do is […]

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Solving the Opioid Crisis with Cannabis?

Does cannabis hold the key to solving the worst opioid crisis in US history? According to an Illinois report, cannabis' remarkable ability to ease chronic pain makes it a better alternative to painkillers. The study also suggests that the pain-killing abilities of cannabis may end the opioid crisis, which is ironic considering how anti-legalization lobbyists blamed […]

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