Important Health Benefit of Garlic That No One Talks About


We all know that garlic offers immense health benefits. It has potent antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that protect the body from pathogens. But did you know that garlic may shrink brain cancer cells without harming healthy cells. Incredibly, no one talks about the cancer-fighting benefits of garlic!

A group of Medical University of South Carolina researchers found that the surfuric compounds found in garlic are able to identify and kill brain cancer cells without disturbing healthy cells. The study never got the attention it deserved and it is worth checking out again.

An Obscure Garlic Brain Cancer Study

There’s more to garlic than simply “Russian penicillin”, the tag used for its microbe killing potential that leaves beneficial bacteria unharmed.

A small group of researchers at the Medical University of South Carolina discovered something else that’s useful for anyone willing to properly consume lots of garlic. They discovered that certain organic sulfur compounds in garlic actually kill brain cancer cells without disturbing healthy cells.

They did this in 2007. It didn’t get much mainstream press, if any. Maybe Big Pharma is trying to figure out how to create those compounds synthetically to get a patent and pay the FDA for approval after offering dubious papers from some sketchy trials and marketing it as the latest cancer cure sure to be a financial blockbuster.

Whether it’s useful for the cancer industry remains to be seen. But the results of this study were ignored by the mainstream press. It’s hard to tell if there was even a ripple within the medical establishment.

Interestingly, what’s implied from the background of the study abstract is that the protection against carcinogenesis provided by these garlic sulfur compounds was already known. The researchers, being curious fellows, were attempting to determine the mechanics of how theses compounds were so protective. That’s usually what in vitro (lab cultures in glass) studies are for.

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