FBI Granted Powers To Set-Up Fake Alternative News Websites

Of course no thinking person trusts mainstream media these days. But can you trust alternative media? As it becomes more popular, alternative media is being polluted by attention seeing opportunists, as well as more sophisticated disinformation campaigns, often run to distract, confuse, and divide people who should be standing together. Well, the state apparently now […]

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Why The Government Is Suppressing The Lyme Epidemic
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Best Way To Remove A Tick

Ticks are a primary vector for lyme disease. This is a much cleaner method of removal than just pulling. I was taught that ticks "screw" themselves in in a clockwise rotation when they bite, and rather than tugging at them, they can be gently twisted counter-clockwise until they come out. When using the wet Q-Tip method […]

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Fracking: The toxic mess now in drinking water! David Letterman Reports 'We're Screwed'

Fracking is seriously toxic business. David Letterman actually did a good job of reporting a quick one on it... David Letterman On Fracking: 'We're Screwed' "Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/20/david-letterman-fracking-screwed_n_1687028.html. -- Please share this to spread the word about this in a lighter way than some of the other reports.  

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Pole shift news - magnetic north is shifting 1 to 2 miles per day!

The magnetic pole of the earth has been shifting a lot more lately than what is normally expected. Lately I've been hearing, and this video confirms some of the shifting, that it's up to 1-2 miles per day! This is huge. So why is this happening? Here's the deal, when a magnet is heated up […]

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Clairvoyance? Here's the truth: 'Mind reader' reveals his trick

This reality is not what you think! Kind of a wake up call for some of us... Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift' "Dave is an extremely gifted clairvoyant who finds out specific financial information. This video reveals the magic behind the magic, making people aware of t..." --     Please share this truth... […]

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