The Flouride Deception Video: Proof Flouride Kills Your Brain

The Flouride Deception is a book written by former BBC Producer Christopher Bryson who spent 10 years researching this topic. He founds a huge amount of proof that the science behind the use of flouride in drinking water and toothpaste is based on fraudulent, corporate science. Obviously this type of science is not science at […]

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Solid Science on Vaccines Two Complete Documentaries incl. The Story Of Vaccination

Here's a thorough documentary on the subject of the health hazards of vaccines and vacinnations. It includes some good opinions of solid naturopathic doctors and other very important information about this topic. Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination Documentary "Watch more films: The definitive look into the history of vaccination. From cancer, to autism, […]

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The Truth about what's really in vaccines video: Mercury, MSG, Formaldehyde, Aluminum

You can always count on Mike Adams for covering all the gory details on a subject like the health risks of using vaccines. This video sums up the important issues so it's a good one to share with any friends that might not yet be in the realm of Knowing the Truth... The shocking truth […]

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Comedy! Lee Camp: What You Don't Know About The NSA Spying Program

Knowing the truth can get a bit dry sometimes so let's lighten it up a bit with some comedy eh? Lee Camp's Moment of Clarity show is a good way to learn a few things and get a few laughs. Lee's always got a few good points to share to help your clarity. What You […]

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An Important Truth about what's going on now in Brazil #ChangeBrazil

Another Important Truth: what's happening in Brazil can certainly be lied about in the media so you wouldn't know the truth but with the freedom that comes with the internet comes the truth directly from within. This one seems worth sharing with your friends. I'll post a rough translation below the video. #ChangeBrazil "Reddit […]

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What really happened at the Pentagon 9/11 - Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory

  There's a lot of questions about 9/11 that still have gone unanswered. Jesse Ventura always hypes up his points with a lot of glam but at least he's able to use his connections to get some pretty interesting perspectives on the story. This seems like an appropriate video for this new project This […]

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