An Important Truth about what's going on now in Brazil #ChangeBrazil


Another Important Truth: what's happening in Brazil can certainly be lied about in the media so you wouldn't know the truth but with the freedom that comes with the internet comes the truth directly from within.

This one seems worth sharing with your friends. I'll post a rough translation below the video.


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Sorry this is a really poor transcript - working on a better one and will update as soon as we have it:

As of June tenth Brazilian protesters in the city of Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paolo have carried out rallies in protest ofthe rise in bus fare which went up about twenty cents, such protests havecontinued until today at the time of the recording of this video june fourteenthyou may not have heard of is that with thirteen serious uprising it isdifficult to keep track of everything that goes on in the world and eventuallyinternational's outlets might report what is happening down here divides us all the same way the nationalmedia is doing it now they might portray the protesters as criminals and vandalsand delinquents is of extreme importance of the truth reaches you before the exam there isn't a pragmatist far reimburseill is not an act of one more into violence and it is not rich who isvandalism it as a result of what happens when a society is forced to put up withthe ludicrous nonsensical also that are created only to benefit the lawmakers themselves in which results in a welfare social gap so outrageous itwould be costly eleven if you weren't sure some of the policies proposalapproved by our representatives are as follows in actuarial as incredible asbeing at the end i a m not making them up to be a real and they are beingexercise right now politicians have a war themselves the privilege ofreceiving up to three extra months of salaries so after resuming their yourstay in the december celery the r_p_a_ thrice more as if to get your had threeextra months in a salary by the way is about seventeen thousand as per monthwall minimum wage stands at six hundred politicians have also awarded themselvesprivileges for paid expenses such as air tickets ranging from ten to twenty twothousand guys government provided housing expenses to the tune of three to four thousand hace private phoneexpenses for up to a thousand as per month as well as an amount between sixtyand eighty two thousand has a spending money which they then can use in orderto pay off whoever they claim is necessary for them to conducted infunctions politician sometimes take advantage of this by having friends andrelatives for opening day depositions professions that don't exist just sothey can give them free money for nothing and once again well all thesethings are happening minimum wage stands x around six hundred tax politicianscouldn't care less aboard a constituent stuff here and this complaint is a lot for theconstituents has resulted in some deplorable situations in health and safety in education iscommon to have hospitals it look like war zones with patients line about inthe hallways instead of immigrant or to have a patient's who is in criticalcondition was told by the hospital staff to which it goes at the hospitals forand they've been given the order so right i won't buy boss public transportationto another one here the country the brags about how well prepared and haveadvanced it is to hold loves the world cup has such deplorablewent horribly sad education conditions that people have just given up on itgiven in mind a politician he had seventeen thousand ice-skating imaginehow much the salary of a teacher would be imagine a person went to college tricksof the profession as important as teaching a generation of children toleave the country in the future heavy to only allow herself to a hundred guys or read the two hundred bucks from yourcountry per week sophia that so it is not theyhad a brazilian capital to the court's order to august fog is disgraceful factsstill persisting ocr they're building right now i have concluded building bythe time watch this video that one education the most expensivesoccer stadiums ever holds the world cup game at the tomb of one points to billion tax one point two billion whilepeople starve islam's inciting hospital quirks also in the subject offered very fortyimportant events of the world cup in the olympics four people who live around thearea that are being prepared to host the soccer games on the world cup in thedays of the olympics have big addictive from their homes the unionist apple westfashion the police have walked the from both oftheir homes preparing the interview run over by a bulldozer the next day anyresident a taxi stand his ground as the home is being that's which crowd thisperson is basic techniques including the fire with total disregard for their childreneven now as we speak ability is being discussed they will render disappointedwhen offered to help the government by that is responsible for keepingpoliticians check completely useless if his wife exceptsit the politicians will run three you'd be able to whatever they wish to withoutbeing able to check on that disputes absolutely unacceptable has gone on fortoo long if people are sick of it or need this time something substantialcan be done and back is that you can in two thousand fourteen brazil holdsthe world cup two thousand sixteen the olympics the two most prestigious in right nowthe clinic if it's in the world brazil cannot afford to have this reputationssmeared now if there's a worldwide out clash i guess the things that arehappening here the people in control be forced to do something about under the threat above the smartreputation international pressure brazil will be forced we're not asking you to do too much justpolice pull something about the facts we have just told you in your face bookquotes with the also if you want to research in theincident sequencing stroup go ahead of the self lives well as the reasonsrights that are happening in brazil indices of the vision of some powellbecame system as well as talk about them write about them into face book wall ina twitter feed along with the hatch that change brazil they tell your friendsabout this video was sheds consider sherry on on face book on the peacefulclogged with in fact i like to beckon every blogger that exists in brazil theymay see this video and by extension every blogger in the world to see thisvideo to talk about these issues you don't have to talk about is rooted inparticular talkable me weather channel through such whichever it is for policemake some noise about what is going on down if you wish to help spread theaccent pillow for free will be awesome but if not whatever this please makesome moments something great might be happening here please make yourself that we'd all atthis moment passed the people are always more powerful than the government chosen to preside over them. Always.
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