Should You Take The Covid-19 Vaccine? 31 Expert Opinions


The grand rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine is starting with the Pfizer vaccine which was just given "Emergency Use" approval last weekend by the FDA after a prior approval by the UK government. While the company releases claim incredibly high levels of effectiveness (rather unbelievable numbers, really) what does it all mean?

I could go over the numbers here in this post and explain how there were tens of thousands of volunteer subjects who participated in the trial, half of which got the experimental vaccine and half the placebo and the results. And that among those subjects only a couple hundred of them actually got sick (yes, this includes those that got the placebo so we are talking about vaccinating for something that only affects a very small percent of the population!). And I could explain that the way they calculate their boastful ~95% effectiveness is based on only 5% of the approximately 200 sick people were in the "vaccinated" group while the other 95% happened to be in the placebo group and what they don't tell you is that this is based on an approximate reporting rate of 0.01% which is a negligible number so these numbers could easily be argued to be irrelevant in a real study.

And I could discuss the fact that 4 people in the vaccinated group got the terrible condition called bells palsy which typically involves paralysis of one side of their face. This is a deformity which is typically a lifetime condition but this doesn't seem to slow down the pace of the vaccine agenda.

Well I guess I did say all that stuff and do encourage you to study up on this yourself so you can be informed.

But a recent video was published that shares the opinions of 31 professional experts from all over the world. In this "Ask The Experts" video you'll hear from some of the leading experts in this field.

31 expert doctors from around the world share their opinion on the state of the pandemic and the vaccines that are coming.

These include: Dr Andrew Kaufman (USA), Dr Hilde De Smet (Belguim), Dr Nils R Fosse (Norway), Dr Elizabeth Evans (UK), Dr Mohammed Adil (UK), Dr Vernon Coleman (UK), Prof. Delores Cahill (Molecular Biologist and Immunologist from Ireland), Dr R Zac Cox (UK), Dr Anna Forbes (UK), Dr Ralf ER Sunberg (Sweden), Dr Johan Denis (Belgium), Dr Daniel Cullum (USA), Moritz von der Borch (Germany), Dr Anne Fierlafijn (Belgium), Dr Kevin P Corbett (UK), Dr Carrie Madej (USA), Dr Bare Lando (USA), Kate Shemirani (UK), Sandy Lunoe (Norway), Boris Dragin (Sweden), Dr Natalia Prego Cancelo (Spain), Dr Rashid Buttar (USA), Dr Nour De San (France), Dr Kelly Brogan (USA), Prof. Konstantin Pavlidis (UK), Dr Sherri Tenpenny (USA), Senta Depuydt (Belgium), Dr Heiko Santelmann (Germany), Dr Margareta Griesz-Brisson (Germany), Dr Mikael Nordfors (Sweden), and Dr Elke F de Klerk (Holland).

Please share your thoughts below in the comments.

Thank you to every single expert brave enough to speak out.
Special thanks to Fiona Hine.
Special thanks to Covileaks UK
Special thanks to Dr Andrew Kaufman, MD
Oracle Films

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2 comments on “Should You Take The Covid-19 Vaccine? 31 Expert Opinions”

  1. Thank you to all experts here. The vaccine is untested and unsafe. In speaking with hospital health workers and reading virologist reports, I do believe the virus is real and came from the Wuhan Level 4 Virology Lab. It was designed to be very contagious, but only deadly to those with malfunctioning immune systems. Correcting the vitamin D level to over 30-60 ng/ml would be sufficient to eliminate almost all deaths. Early treatment with inexpensive, effective, safe treatment would also prevent hospitalizations and deaths. This is the most aggressive marketing campaign in history.

  2. I saw this on Facebook last week and emailed it as well as shared it with all contacts. This scamdemic is the Luciferian elite's agenda to catapult fwd into their envisioned New World Order aka global government spoken of by Bush Sr in 1991

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