New Covid Variant A Bust?


You've probably started to hear the new spin about a "new variant" of the "novel covid-19" virus that's been detected in UK but what does this really mean in this age of the buying and selling of science to the highest bidder?

If you're like me you might be thinking "these viruses are mutating all the time so what's the big deal?"

So is this just the latest fear-porn to keep the public in a panic and continue to back down and accept the extreme measures being imposed by tyrannical governments globally?

Ok well so far this has been more questions than statements but here's some of what I've found...

England's Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty told a press conference there was "no evidence" it was more dangerous.

He also spoke about how it can be tested for, and if the effectiveness of a vaccine would be reduced by the new variant.

So it's not more dangerous but let's get back to logic here and discuss why this is popping up.

In the UK they do a huge amount of genetic sequencing work and churn out more data on viral genomes than many other countries combined. So it actually shouldn't be any surprise that there are new variants of SARS-Cov-2 being "discovered" in the UK.

Had this amount of genetic sequencing of viruses been done also in other countries would we see the same thing?

Does this hearken back to why the RT-PCR tests are actually so generic because if they were super specific and looking for a precise variant they wouldn't get enough positive tests to substantiate the high "case numbers" that they can with a more general test especially when running such a test with high cycle thresholds of 35 to 40 cycles?

And if this new variant is just simply replacing what had been present in infected individuals what is the real cause of concern?

As you can see from this graph, which is purely a graph of data from testing numbers therefore doesn't really merit any concern, the new variant is becoming more common over the last few months:
So the prevalence of this new variant is going up but do we have that going on everywhere with the only difference being that we aren't looking for it?
We've reported previously (and so have plenty of other truth tellers) about the erroneous nature of PCR testing for Covid-19 (SARS-COV-2) and the failure of the test when it's run over 35 cycle threshold. Even Dr Anthony Fauci has admitted that any PCR test over a Ct number of 35 is basically useless:
So when the CDC continues to recommend a Ct (cycle threshold) up to 40 it should be no surprise at all that "case numbers" will continue to skyrocket as more of these tests are conducted. And these tests are still being done within CDC guidelines, right?
In fact the biggest problem with this is that most people that get tested aren't even given that data. They don't reveal the Ct and have no idea that the testing data is likely irrelevant. This means that many individuals are forced into quarantine for erroneous reasons and this can have devastating effects on the personal and financial lives of people.
And of course the real buzz about this new "mutant strain" of Covid-19 is whether the already developed vaccines will "work" on the new strain or not? But before we dig into what's being reported on that let's just revisit what has been considered in reporting that these vaccines even "work" (~95% effective, right?) in the first place.
The test groups for these various vaccine trials have had somewhere between 30,000 and 45,000 subjects. Half of them get the vaccine and half the "placebo" but in some cases that "placebo" is actually a different vaccine. Why a different vaccine? Well we hear various different reasons for this such as it would be unethical to give a saline placebo (but they are giving a meningitis vaccine instead so how does that help with coronavirus?). Or we've also heard that a saline placebo doesn't hurt at the injection site as much as a real vaccine so this could indicate to the subject that they were in the control group. Well personally I doubt the majority of people would know that before having just read it here so that seems like a dud of a reason.
Getting back to the studies we've got two groups, half get the real vaccine and half don't. Then in most cases there is a follow up booster shot which both groups get (same thing either the vaccine or placebo). All of these subjects are then reporting back on their health status for literally only 8 weeks. Adverse reactions are tabulated, but again for only 8 weeks. And among those tens of thousands of people in these groups only approx 200 of them actually get sick. If the percentage of those ~200 people that are in the vaccinated group is low and the percentage of these ~200 that are in the placebo control group is high then it is considered an effective vaccine.
So what's the problem with that? Well the actual test subject group is only ~200! This isn't a real study of tens of thousands of people like they claim it is. Also if only 200/30,000 are getting sick we are talking about a 0.67 % sickness rate and of those 0.67 % of people that are getting affected how many would actually recover fine by increasing their Vitamin C and Vitamin D intake? Even Zinc and ECGC Green tea extract is reportedly working quite well as an alternative to harder to get HCQ/Zinc protocols which admittedly do have some potential side effects but are far less invasive than what many hospitals are currently using with poor outcomes.
So the point I'm making here is that the reporting ratio in these supposedly hugely successful vaccine trials is literally negligible. In other words they have approximately zero data. Yup a big fat zip. Nothing.
But now they have to convince the public that these new vaccines will definitively work on the new "mutant strain" so how is that going? Well not so well really...

Both companies insist their vaccines have proven effective against other variants of the virus. However, some researchers who have been studying the mutant strain's genome have told CNN they have concerns that his particular mutation might reduce the effectiveness of the vaccines. That's not to see it will render the vaccine completely useless, but it is some food for thought.

In an interview with the FT, BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin proclaimed that should the vaccine prove ineffective, his company's mRNA platform could simply whip up a modified vaccine, easy peasy.

..."the beauty of the messenger mRNA technology is we can directly start to engineer a vaccine that completely mimics this new mutation and we could manufacture a new vaccine within six weeks," he said

Ok great new vaccines can be created on a whim everytime new variants of SARS-COV-2 are detected but isn't the point of this the fact that these viruses are simply not stable and Pharma would supposedly have to keep creating new vaccines for viruses that affect less than 1% of the population and that most people have innate immunity for anyway.

It sure sounds like the new paradigm of the "vaccinated public" is trying to turn people into pin cushions for the latest experimental doses to throw at an unsuspecting public that is growing more aware of this madness by the minute. All the while censorship of real science is being replaced by quasi medical science devoid of real critique. Sorry but science involves two sides and the data is supposed to either support or refute the hypothesis, not write it.

More will follow to be sure. Please share your feedback in the comments below.

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