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Explained: Vax Induced AIDS & Graphene Nano Razors


These are two of the latest "conspiracy" ideas that are spreading like wildfire, likely for good reason and a determination to understand the truth about the effects and what is in the genetic code injection drugs that are being falsely called "covid-19 vaccines".

The concept that drugs may induce the same or similar symptoms that they are supposed to alleviate has been a subject of my study for decades at least since I read the book "Anatomy of an Epidemic" by Robert Whitaker. This was a critical look at the outcomes of mental health patients under biological psychiatry which looked at data prior to the drugs and after the drugs and showed that outcomes were in fact not improved with the drugs.

The concept of biological psychiatry is a bit out of context here but to sum it up it's the idea that someone with a psychiatric disorder such as bipolar has a chemical imbalance in their brain. This concept was literally NEVER proven yet the profession continues to prescribe dangerous psychiatric drugs such as SSRIs (Prozac, etc.) which arguably create the chemical imbalance that was never there in the first place only to support the behavior they were supposed to alleviate.

Unfortunately the immune function hasn't fared better under the care of tyrants like "Dr" Anthony Fauci since his days creating the AIDS epidemic by pushing deadly drugs like AZT which literally destroy immune function at it's core by unwinding the capability to repair DNA by any organism subjected to these poisons.

They called these drugs "anti-retrovirals" but the reality is that retroviruses are part of our normal metabolism and disrupting that balance proved to be incredibly toxic and deadly to those subjected to Fauci's criminal studies which included orphaned children which he secretly buried in mass graves.*

Getting back to our current situation whistleblower Karen Kingston (former Pfizer Biotech analyst) brings this understanding up to the current genetic code injections and how these create a similar chemically induced AIDS:

Dr Andreas Noack is the recent whistleblower from Germany who was killed shortly after exposing his expertise about graphene oxides and graphene hydroxide and how these materials affect the vascular tissue.

Dr Ariyana Love in Finland was close to that story and here she delivers an update and confirmation of Noack's death and a summary of his recent exposure:

Very sad that Dr Noack had to make this ultimate sacrifice in order to get this truth exposed.

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* "The Real Anthony Fauci" by Robert F. Kennedy. Skyhorse Publishing 2021

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