J&J - Dr Zandre Botha Reveals Self Assembly Nano Particles


Dr Zandre Botha is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor in South Africa who is training in live blood microscopy. She's been seeing the stacked rouleau formation in her patients that have had experimental covid injections. This has become common among live blood analysts like Dr Botha.

Where she has taken this research a giant step further is in her analysis of vials of these experimental shots that she has analyzed under her microscope.

She did this using a unique method that it doesn't appear was done before where she viewed it (Johnson & Johnson vial) without a slide cover on the sample. Here's what she saw:

The next step she took made this even more interesting...

She let this sample dry on the slide and this is what it looked like after that transformation:

This actually looks strangely similar to one of the vials of J&J shots that were analyzed by the German Doctors group a couple weeks ago, as they showed in their press conference:

What is this? Is this Graphene Oxide? Can we see from the images above that these nano particles have self assembly capabilities? Well we really don't know 100% at this point.

It does appear that they are self assembling but Dr Botha doesn't claim to know what it is since her experience is in blood microscopy and these are not things she's ever seen in the 15 years she's been doing live blood analysis.

Here's a short clip of an interview she did recently:

Another thing that Dr Zandre Botha noticed in her analysis which seems very interesting and rather important was a substance which she saw in both a slide from one of the vaccine vials that looked eerily similar to a substance she saw in the blood of one of her patients.

Below you'll see the image of the vial under the microscope on the left and you can see a very similar looking black substance in the live blood image of one of her patients who had the jab - that's shown on the right:

Of course in this image above on the right you can also see the stacked rouleau which has become so commonly seen in the blood of those who have had these experimental "vaccines". This is what congests the blood by stacking red blood cells hindering their capability to carry oxygen.

This rouleau effect has become so common among the jabbed that in my opinion it shouldn't be surprising how many vascular conditions that are also becoming common among this group. After all when blood gets so sticky like that it can't flow through the micro-capillaries making a micro clot much more likely. Depending on where this clot takes place will lead to a huge list of vascular conditions including strokes, thrombosis and much more.

To close out this post I'll share two recent interviews with Dr Zandre Botha the first of which you likely haven't seen:

The next one is the longer version of the shorter clip up above from Dr Botha's interview with Stew Peters:

As usual you can also see these videos when you subscribe to my bitchute channel here:


I feel that Dr Zandre Botha is a very empathetic and skilled natural doctor that really wants to help people. She has little to gain and more to lose from sharing her research and deserves to be taken at face value for what she's sharing.

Please share this post far and wide to get this information out there as best as you can and share your opinion on this in the comments below.

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