Are Transmitted Toxins Polluting Human Blood?


The topic that's been called "shedding" may not be a phenomenon of literal shedding of viral particles (most likely it's nothing of the sort) but instead may in fact be an energetic effect of exuded nano particles which populate the perimeter of the human organism.

Think of this perimeter akin to what's often referred to energetically as "the aura" but also consider that the skin, being the largest human organ, is also one of the organs that expels toxins.

So we are constantly "shedding" skin particles along with other toxins that we may be effectively eliminating.

Does this mean that we are also absorbing expelled micro and nano-toxins from other humans?

This new stage of blood microscopy by Dr. Phillippe Van Welbergen sure seems to indicate some sort of nano-infiltration of toxins passing from human to human. This interview is a bit long but it's worth your time exploring to see the reality we are facing:

So what is this stuff that's brewing in the blood?

Well if you've followed our work here at for awhile you probably can guess what my suspicion is. I believe this is a phenomenon of synthetic biology (synbio) which is already a $10BN sub-market of molecular biology. How it's used in experimental injections is a whole other story but you may find these previous articles interesting Is Synthetic Biology Clogging Blood Vessels? and Monkeypox, Venom Peptides or Synthetic Biology?

If this is a manifestation of synthetic biology (synbio) there's still a lot to be learned about how potentially to detox it and get through this.

Anyway, let's look at some of the photos from this video here.

These are pretty much in the order that they are shown in the video.

To be clear this is the blood of unvaccinated individuals that were exposed to vaccinated people but live a relatively healthy lifestyle. It's rather difficult to ascertain exactly what the doctor's reference to a "healthy lifestyle" actually means so exposure to 5G, WiFi and other environmental toxins can't be ruled out.

Bottom line this is unhealthy blood with very unnatural toxins such as graphene oxide and other structures that appear to be self assembling.

This is some of the worst rouleau formation I've seen in blood images:

This was described as a particle of graphene oxide:

And these dots are reduced graphene oxide:

It kind of looks like the graphene oxide nanospheres grow spermlike tails and in some cases attach together.

What are these spermlike double headed structures?

Are they then growing into these octopus like structures?


On this topic here's an interesting recent interview with Dr Robert Young on the topic of "shedding" and blood clots:

And here's an interview with Dr Jane Ruby and Mike Adams on related topics. They are discussing lab testing of the synthetic clots being reported by whistleblower embalmers who have found these as likely cause of death:

While this video is at best only loosely related to synthetic biology, it is about the vax and children (discussion with Steve Kirsch) and it's been a very popular since we uploaded it last week so you might find it useful:

As usual you can find our videos and subscribe to our Bitchute channel here:

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