Is Synthetic Biology Clogging Blood Vessels?


The concept of synthetic biology is foreign to most but it's been a deep area of research in secret projects for many decades probably first seen by most in the phenomenon called Morgellons disease.

This syndrome, largely shrugged off by most doctors, involves strange fibers which come out of the skin of it's victims. It's often associated with Lyme disease, or we could also say that many people afflicted with Morgellons symptoms have had Lyme also at some point in the past.

All that being said I personally believe the concept of synthetic biology to be much more than just morgellons and represent a tenacious attack on human biology and specifically targeting the phenomena of epigenetics.

The field of epigenetics is considered by some to be born out of the failure of the human genome project. It's all about the vast array of environmental conditions (even as far reaching as consciousness and perception) affects the expression of genes and thus human (and other organism's) health.

There are plenty of extensive writings on Epigenetics that you can reference to dig into that topic more such as Epigenetics: The Death of the Genetic Theory of Disease Transmission by Joel D Wallach, Ma Lan and Gerhard N Schrauzer 2014 so we will keep the topic here focused on the concept of Synthetic Biology and current topics.

What is synthetic biology and how does it relate to the field of Epigenetics?

This is a rather complex subject but we'll try to keep it simple for starters...

Consider the example of a simple bacteria which is genetically modified to produce a specific protein. You can think of this as a biological factory for a protein. Sounds somewhat harmless so far, right? So far this is a concept that is used extensively in molecular biology for product manufacturing especially when it's a simple protein that needs to be manufactured.

It sounds rather innocent so far but now that we've covered the basics let's dive a bit deeper...

Normal DNA forms a two strand helix but we're already at the point in the world of synthetic biology (also called synbio) where organisms have been modified to carry triple and quadruple stranded DNA that is passed to their microbial offspring. These extra strands of genetic material can literally be silicone along with other nano-metals and carry altered codons (genetic building blocks) that will pass on these alterations and build nano assemblages and structures in the resulting organism.

Can you see how this can add a huge can of worms to this subject? What we are talking about is a merging of biotechnology with nanomaterials which opens up a new era of toxic bio-nanotech.

You can think of synthetic biology as an offshoot of genetic engineering and molecular biology. Personally I think of it more like their evil step-sister.

Keep in mind some of the most advanced natural doctors involved in unraveling such research as triple stranded DNA were cut short by suspicious deaths. Dr Jeff Bradstreet and Nicholas Gonzalez (both deceased in 2015) were likely murdered just prior to publishing their research connecting triple stranded DNA from Autistic children who had all been vaccinated with vaccines containing fetal cell lines. This just scratches the surface of these good doctors research which also involved the enzyme nagalase in infant vaccination.

There was arguably a huge failure in the human genomics project (billions spent and barely a disease cured) as it became clear that plenty of things in our environment can manipulate the expression of our genetic code. Some of us consider the aftermath of this the beginning of a new era in a war on our genetic code. It can be roughly interpreted as a war between the Eugenicists and the Epigeneticists and unfortunately where those two ideologies meet there seems to be a lot of conflict of interest.

Computers can now sequence genetic code and it can then be programmed into gene modifying drugs and injections. These can also be engineered into synthetic nano-materials designed for specific alteration of genetic expression (epigenetics) and genetic modification (genetic engineering) and because they are nano-sized these can be aerosolized and spread throughout our environment.

This sure puts a new twist on the concept of allergy to airborne pollen.

I personally live in an area known for tenacious pollen this time of year (spring/summer) and all I can say about that is this year seems to be quite unique. It's got a lot of people scratching their heads and still thinking of the ancient concepts of "I caught this bug from so and so" stuck in what I consider the contagion mythos.

Anyway, there is far too little regulation of these industries of synthetic biology which is apparently over a $10 billion industry already (not including the vaccine industry!) and we are at a crossroads in this time where these fields of science are being rolled out with no oversight.

Those following real science in our current time also are well aware that (genetic code) injections are being rolled out that have zero liability (by falsely being called "vaccines"). These products likely involve some sort of secret synthetic biology. We can see this based on the reactions that have been surfacing among those who have subjected themselves to this grand human experiment.

Is synthetic biology an explanation for the massive upsurge in "blood clots" and what is being described as "SADS" (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome)?

Well what we observe from the whistleblower embalmers are clearly NOT "blood clots" in that they are not clots of blood but in fact white structural materials that look more like silicone and may in fact be some sort of synthetic biology that has self assembly capabilities.

What if a genetic code modification caused your cells to produce a synthetic protein instead of the normal proteins that the ribosomes are supposed to produce and the process went haywire? What if this happened mostly in your blood vessels and it happened quicker in younger people who had more active circulation? Could this result in a surge of youthful death (labeled "SADS" to brush it off by the controlled media) among athletes and other young people that were part of an experimental new gene therapy injection? Could this also mean that older individuals could have the same thing building in their tissue just at a slower pace?

While there is not yet proof that this is in fact a phenomena of "synthetic biology" after doing extensive research on this subject I believe ultimately it will be proven that the phenomenon of "self-assembling nano-particles" in the jabbed are synonymous with "synthetic biology" and this should help us understand what we are dealing with in order to move towards some sort of resolution in the future to avoid the transhumanist future that elite globalists seem hell bent on pushing humanity towards in their Eugenic "Human 2.0" Agenda 2030.

And clearly the regulators are not concerned with your health when they write off all these deaths and go ahead and give EUA approval to a Moderna product for children as young as 6 months old! If that's not a crime I sure don't know what is.

We will cover more on this subject in the future but let's just conclude this post with some recent research into massive vascular clots that have been exuded from the dead jabbed victims and exposed by courageous embalmer Richard Hirschman. I urge you to keep the concept of synthetic biology in your mind when investigating this research for yourself.

Part 1 live microscopy of clots:

Part 2 discussion with urgent care doctor who has seen this phenomenon in his practice:

Part 3 discussion with embalmer Richard Hirschman:

Part 4 discussion with Dr Jane Ruby:

As usual these videos can be accessed directly on our Bitchute channel where you can subscribe to get notified when we upload new videos quite frequently:

Reference for slide photos:

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