Monkeypox, Venom Peptides or Synthetic Biology?


Anyone that is still on the institutional media right now is likely freaking out about monkeypox. Is this worth the fuss or just more fear propaganda?

Dr. Jennifer McQuiston of the CDC confirmed a case of monkeypox after four orthopox cases in New York City, Florida, and Utah. Monkeypox is part of the family of viruses belonging to orthopox.

Also part of the orthopox family is chickenpox which in my youth we had kids parties where we all TRIED to get chickenpox because it's best to get when you are young and as you get older you are more likely to get larger pustules that are more likely to lead to scarring.

Dr. David Heymann, former head of the WHO emergencies department, said the leading theory is that the infection began in Spain and Belgium with sexual transmission among homosexual and bisexual men at two raves.

“We know monkeypox can spread when there is close contact with the lesions of someone who is infected, and it looks like sexual contact has now amplified that transmission,” he added.

So the media is hyping up something that is being spread from promiscuous orgy type of sex parties?

And then using it as justification for receiving their previously ordered ~35 million doses of a new monkeypox vaccine? Please keep in mind that all these new "vaccines" are 99% likely to be mRNA vaccines and if prior actions dictate future results then we can expect these to be loaded with all sorts of nano-technology, graphene oxide, PEG and other toxic ingredients.

Sounds appetizing, right?

I'll sure be lining up for that one! Not!

But let's dig a bit deeper because even if these exotic diseases are few and far between let's dig into the concept of the engineered bio-weapon and synthetic biology.

You've likely heard about "gain of function" research which has been highlighted in the media in these last few years since the "launch" of the covid psyop.

I personally believe this is an additional psyop in order to obfuscate your attention away from militarization of synthetic biology which has been in development for decades at this point since the advent of carbon nano-tube (CNT) technology and has evolved into self-assembling nano-technology that is actually being tested currently in the largest clinical trial of human beings with the so called "Covid-19 vaccines".

Self assembling nano-technology and the emerging synthetic biology technologies were first seen in the largely discredited Morgellons disease phenomenon which is commonly associated with Lyme disease as well as Geoengineered Chemtrail spraying.

Here's some photos that put the above in perspective:

Look, I could write for days on this subject but then it would be a book and not a post on this website but the bottom line is that nanotech development has skyrocketed in these last few years and while media talks all about "gain of function" virus development as the "weapons" of the future they sure don't seem to be mentioning carbon nanotubes, nanodiamonds, nanoelectronics, nanoelectrode arrays, nanobots or smart dust. They also don't seem to mention IoNT (internet of nano-things) or IoB (internet of bodies) and how it has the potential to "rewire" the human neural network for a transhumanist Ray Kurzweil style Human 2.0 and that this technology IS NOT science fiction but actively in development.

To tie this all back to the title of this post and the subject of monkeypox. It has been circulating that many of the pictures of monkeypox that are being used in the various reports are literally 30 year old photos!

I am sure not concerned about monkeypox but could CNT technology be merged with other toxic nano-technology and injected to produce horrible pox-like pustules in humans?


Does that mean they are doing that yet?

Not necessarily but they sure know how to scare people into submission and take all their rights away.

And there is also a specific reason that I also included venom peptides in the title of this post...

Regardless of how much even the alternative media has torn up the idea that venom technology has been used in pharmaceutical products, the fact remains that they are as exemplified by companies like and others that bank these peptides for drug development use.

It is my belief after tons of reading and researching on this subject that the venom peptides are part of the driving force of these gene therapy injections which may drive the CNT or other carbon nano-tech and/or mRNA (and snake mRNA components are apparently also in common use for these products due to it's persistent molecular integrity) into the cells of human guinea pigs or other animals that are used for testing such products.

More on these subjects will be forthcoming here on

To close I'll share some of the recent related videos from our Bitchute channel which you can subscribe to here:

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While not really related to monkeypox this video about the recent Pfizer FOIA data dump is important enough to put in as a footer to this post:

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