Is Everything Covid Based on Snake Venom Peptides?


This is clearly a bombshell and the topic is blowing up on the alternative media right now and I've been digging into this for the last week or so since the first info first started surfacing.

Summary: Snake venom derived (possibly synthetic) peptides and proteins were the model used for creating the Covid-19 phenomena, this includes what is referred to as SARS-Cov-2, the mRNA injections as well as the only drug that is allowed to be used according to the FDA/CDC standard protocols; Remdesivir. This model explains all the blood clotting, the history of development of all of the products as well as the natural remedies that work as well as the mysterious "shedding" effect that "vaccinated" people are spreading snake venom like peptides to unvaccinated individuals.

Now that there is enough concise info out there and I've grasped the concept here's a summary of what's out so far...

The evidence of this is massive when you dig into it so you'll find a lot of links here on this post and most posts will follow on this topic as more information comes out about it.

On this post you'll see links to all the relevant published studies and articles that have been referenced in both of the so-far published Dr Bryan Ardis videos on this subject and those videos are below also. This includes the Stew Peters "Watch The Water" documentary as well as the first two parts of the 3 hour interview Dr Ardis did with Mike Adams from NaturalNews (part 3 will release tomorrow).

Note that when Part 3 is released tomorrow this post will be updated as soon as possible with that video as well so check back again to see the final segment of that video series the first of which are below.

Also note that we will be updating some of our "Solutions" posts based on some of this information but it hasn't been done quite yet.

All of this research should be credited to Dr Bryan Ardis

Neither he nor Mike Adams made it easy to find these links so that's why I've compiled them for your here on this page so please share this post with all your friends as an easy reference so they can see that you aren't crazy for telling them that it's all related to snake venom.

Before we get to the videos here's some of the meat of the science. Phospholipase Enzymes have been identified as a potential biomarker for SARS-Cov-2 (see links below for reference) and a separate study explains that the Phospholipase Enzyme A2s exhibits strong virucidal activity against SARS-Cov-2 and inhibit the spike protein from binding to the ACE2 receptor.

You'll see when you dig into this that 19 different peptides and proteins (poisons) have been isolated from snake venom and that some of them cause blood clotting and some blood thinning depending on the compound. You will also see that over the last few years the market in snake venom research has been going through the roof and to that you should ask yourself: Are that many more people getting bit by snakes and need antivenom or is something else going on?

The two primary snakes mentioned in this are the King Cobra (blood thinning) and the Krait (blood clotting) and it should be mentioned that snake venom has been used in drug development for quite awhile it's just apparently now reaching a fever-pitch.

If you've followed my work on here for any length of time you are aware of my writing on the Bio-Terrain Theory and for the fact that from the beginning of 2020 when this started I've always been proposing that there was a toxin and a poisoning effect going on and this snake venom research sure fits in well with those perspectives.

After all regarding the concept of a virus, I've held that it's an easy way for environmental polluters to obfuscate liability by pointing to an "invisible virus" as the culprit, but when you look up the latin definition of the word "virus" the first two things that I see are "poison" and "venom".

Let's get to these videos, first is Watch The Water with Dr Bryan Ardis and Stew Peters:

Next is Part One of the Mike Adams Interview:

Next is Part Two of the Mike Adams Interview:

Here's Part 3 of the Mike Adams Dr Bryan Ardis interview:

Venom Resource Links:

VenomTech - A library of Venoms for pharmaceutical research.

ToxinTech - A similar resource which includes venom sourcing for research.

Video Research Links:

Also these are not all the videos we've posted on this subject - these are just the best and most comprehensive ones. You can also see these and others and subscribe on our Bitchute channel here:

When you watch all those videos you may be interested in seeing some of the links and studies mentioned and for that I've compiled a list of all the links that I could find and a few extra ones worth mentioning so here are those links:

Where Did the New Coronavirus Come From? Potentially a Bat, Snake, or Pangolin

Snakes could be the source of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

No, snakes probably aren’t the source of that new coronavirus in China

“Snake Pneumonia” – Coronavirus Outbreak in China Traced to Snakes by Genetic Analysis

Cross-species transmission of the newly identified coronavirus 2019-nCoV

Cocon Definition: NIH

Codon usage bias

Phospholipase enzymes as potential biomarker for SARS CoV-2 virus

Like Venom Coursing Through the Body: Researchers Identify Mechanism Driving COVID-19 Mortality

The Indian cobra reference genome and transcriptome enables comprehensive identification of venom toxins

Extrapulmonary manifestations of COVID-19

Gilead Sciences to purchase biologics process research and clinical manufacturing facility from Genentech

Cardiotoxin (Naja atra) (T3D2541)

Potential Cardiotoxic Effects of Remdesivir on Cardiovascular System: A Literature Review


Snake venom phospholipase A2s exhibit strong virucidal activity against SARS-CoV-2 and inhibit the viral spike glycoprotein interaction with ACE2

Venom from one of Brazil's largest snakes could reduce COVID's ability to multiply

Snakebites and COVID-19: two crises, one research and development opportunity

$1.58 Billion Anti-venom Market - Global Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts 2021-2026 -

Snake venom-derived bradykinin-potentiating peptides: A promising therapy for COVID-19?

Advances in COVID-19 therapies

Snake venom can stop Covid-19 from multiplying

Anti-Venom Market Future Growth Outlook: Merck, MicroPharm, Pfizer

Pfizer files EUA application for Covid-19 drug Paxlovid

Venom-Derived Neurotoxins Targeting Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors

Venom-Derived Neurotoxins Targeting Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors

Incorporation of pseudouridine into mRNA yields superior nonimmunogenic vector with increased translational capacity and biological stability

Nucleoside modifications in RNA limit activation of 2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthetase and increase resistance to cleavage by RNase L

Unusual stability of messenger RNA in snake venom reveals gene expression dynamics of venom replenishment

Texas Tribune: From obscurity to a Nobel Prize nomination: Houston scientists acclaimed for their patent-free COVID-19 vaccine

Covid-19 vaccine: Biological E’s Corbevax gets EUA for use in 12-18 year age group

Biological E Limited (India) Sera Product list:

Moderna co-founder using mRNA technology to treat venomous snakebites

Part 3 links:


Long-term Effects of Snake Envenoming

Ageusia Following Cobra Envenomation: Myth and Fact on Venom Sucking.

Toxin-like peptides in plasma, urine and faecal samples from COVID-19 patients

Please share your thoughts in the comments below and share this with your friends directly so they have all the references needed to support this bombshell theory of the covid-19 origin which seems to negate all the other ideas that have been pushed on us for the last two years such as the perpetual failure of "gain of function" research which may in fact be a disguise for snake venom research and production of synthetic and even natural snake venom peptides and proteins.

Part 3 of the Mike Adams interview will be added to this post when it's available so check back here on this post shortly.

More information is further to come on this theory and we will post more as it comes in...


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6 comments on “Is Everything Covid Based on Snake Venom Peptides?”

  1. Dr. Ardis said in the Stew Peter's interview that it was noticed that smokers had less reaction because one of these venom's or peptides uses the nicotinic receptors, which control or affect the diaphragm and thus breath. ["Covid" patients get short on breath, then get sedated to be intubated, and expire when put on ventilators.]

    Smokers are less susceptible as the nicotine from smoking is already in the receptors and blocks the venom peptides.

    Vitamin B3, or Niacin, is nicotinic acid. I wonder if this would also be prophylactic as preventative? I don't see it listed on your Solutions link.

    1. Yes Doozy that is one of the things I am planning to add to the "Solutions" tab is the protective effect of nicotinic acid/niacin/B3 I've just been working hard on this post for the last couple days and haven't yet had time to update that!

  2. They have possibly always used the domestic water system to poison the general public as the smart people never drink or use tap water so it would be safe for the elite to do this. Many mystery illnesses are possibly created this way now. They have also contaminated the farmland with roundup which means all ower food is contaminated. They knew it would cause massive cancer tumors as it did in the test rats.but went ahead anyway and we now know that a lot of medicines are deadly but what they did with covid 19 was mass murder of the people of the world by their respective governments. And is still in force today all over the world

  3. The only two people in our family who did NOT get covid, despite living with people who had pretty severe cases, were the two that smoke/vape. Both of them were also "essential" workers who never quarantined.

  4. What does that fact, in conjunction with similar evidence, mean really? What does it squarely point to? What is the TRUE FINAL implication of all these atrocities -- including the Covid Crime?

    ACTIVE resistance against the criminal establishments around the world will greatly increase the sooner someone TRULY understands that the ruling cabal and their minions, anywhere around the globe, are PSYCHOPATHS -- the evidence is overwhelming and totally irrefutable ...

    By "TRULY understands" I mean that Hollywood flicks and the corrupt entertainment industry at large have presented a deliberately erroneous picture of psychopaths which keeps the public misinformed about what and who psychopaths really are (eg most psychopaths are not overtly violent) but they are ALWAYS exploiters, deceivers, liars, manipulators, and destroyers (the Highly Destructive Fake Covid "Pandemic" is ONE fitting example out of countless others) and therefore they are NOT people to ever respect, listen to, admire, vote for, follow and obey BUT to ACTIVELY fight and jail for life (see cited source above).

    ““We’re all in this together” is a tribal maxim. Even there, it’s a con, because the tribal leaders use it to enforce loyalty and submission. ... The unity of compliance.” --- Jon Rappoport, Investigative Journalist

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