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rife_ray_equipmentElectron therapy along with coordinative resonance is the working mechanism behind Royal Rife's technology. While discussions of Rife are usually focused on coordinative resonance and reference such metaphors as an opera singer hitting the right tone to shatter a glass the fundamentals of the true breaking point in the glass are sadly missing from the metaphor. This historical treatise on "Electron Therapy" may add the missing link in the true understanding of what makes this technology work.

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By: John F. Crane, January 11, 1959


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A Research Edition of Electron Therapy for Restricted Publication

Submitted by: John F. Crane
General Manager
Allied Industries

Life Lab, Inc.


With our facilities here, we have proven that all types of virus, bacteria, and fungi are affected by electrons.

The following report "Electron Therapy," gives some highlights on the related research accomplished and some conclusions reached in the course of my work and investigation of this development.

A great deal of interest has already been manifested by the medical world and a misapprehension still exists since very little information has been compiled and published.

Unlike medical therapy with diathermy, this form of electron therapy is a precise science and requires exacting calibrations far beyond the limits of human precision before any results can be derived. Every effort has been extended to provide an instrument that is safe to use, operate, and apply as specified.

Our laboratory is dedicated to scientific progress and the enclosed literature is believed to be of extreme benefit toward the elimination of lifelong suffering which may strike at us all at any time.

Respectfully submitted,
John F Crane


Electron therapy was originally conceived by Royal R. Rife in 1922. Virus microscopes were designed and built and electron therapy devitalization has been established for the following microorganisms: Tuberculosis, Bacillus coli, Tetanus, Pneumonia, Typhoid, Cancer (carcinoma & sarcoma & leukemia), Treponema (syphilis), Streptococci, Staphylococci and Streptothrix (fungi).

Repeat work must be reestablished for many other bacteria, virus and fungi. Many diseases can be healed by employing combinations of electron therapy of the microorganisms first mentioned above. Virus are considered as miniature capacitors.

Electron therapy has its fundamentals in electrostatics. Capacitors rupture due to over voltage. The frequency instrument applies electron therapy in the form of positive electrons at variable frequencies from an applicator tube. The frequency instrument consists of a variable RF-audio frequency generator attached by wires to an applicator tube. A new smaller frequency instrument uses audio frequencies only and electrodes are applied, directly to the body. When virus, bacteria, or fungi are vibrated at their harmonic mortal oscillatory rate with electrostatic energy, they die.

The prenatal cell of bacteria or virus causes disease. Electrostatic energy destroys virus with an excessive space charge of positive electrons. This is a function of time and frequency. The space charge concentration is 10 to 12 inches away from the applicator tube [Ray tube].

Millikan measured the quantity of electrons absorbed on oil droplets. Original calibration of frequency instruments occurred with pure cultures on slides under the virus microscopes, (present calibration occurs with electronic counters). Virus exhibit their own true chemical color when stained with a portion of the spectrum wave length.

Polarity in virus controls their power to reproduce. Growth depends on pH control. Constipation may be eliminated with destruction of B coli in the intestinal tract by electron therapy: electrostatic discharge kills microorganisms and they group together after death to show electrostatic attraction.

There is a possibility that closed circuit color TV may yield 250,000 times magnification over the virus microscopes. Prospects for new scientific achievements appear unlimited and preventative treatments of our food and bodies would be better than drugs and surgery that may handicap us for life.

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At the start of this investigation, electronics was still in an elemental stage and the filterable forms of bacteria were unknown; unknown in the sense that their medium had not been revealed in their own true identity until Rife designed and built five special virus optical microscopes for this exploration. The study of electrons coming from millions of frequencies and wave forms related to electrostatic energy as applied to bacteria, virus, and fungi was first conceived by Royal R. Rife in 1922 when electronics in parasitology was unpopular and work has progressed to the present time. The concepts mentioned in this report have been demonstrated in research laboratory and clinical treatments on animals and human patients to reveal an understanding of the electro-dynamical results.


Electron therapy was applied to twenty-nine different microorganisms of prime recorded evidence in their final destruction and for the purpose of discovering their mortal oscillatory rates. Much work remains to be accomplished and a pattern for further research has been established which may be allocated effectively against other microbes of diseases when additional research funds are available. The highly specialized difficulties in optics and electronics have been overcome and the most significant outcome has been the establishment of the mortal oscillatory rates for the following bacteria, virus, and fungi:

Tuberculosis rod
Tuberculosis virus
B. coli rod
B coli virus
Typhoid virus
Treponema (syphilis)

This accomplishment has been a counterpart of the perfection of a virus microscope which will readily show types of virus and will be of great assistance in the future of fast medical diagnosis. The critical frequencies for the following 16 microorganisms were not standardized so that repeat research will be necessary before any benefit therefrom can be specified. The diseases follow:

Multiple Sclerosis
Bubonic plague
Herpes virus
Symptomatic anthrax
Spinal meningitis
Contagious conjunctivitis

Many diseases have been reported as healed and well owing to the application of electron therapy with the microorganism and or combinations of microorganisms first listed. This further outcome has been reported by medical practitioners in their successful demonstrations of hundreds of thousands of treatments over the past twenty-nine years. A few can be mentioned as follows:

Stomach ulcers
Butterfly lupus
Cancrum oris
Skin diseases
Heart trouble
Trench mouth
Athlete’s foot
Cold & Flu

The above mentioned diseases often require a combination of two or more mortal oscillatory rates for the microorganism first mentioned before results are obtained. For example in the treatment of sinus infections, dial settings for the treatment of streptococci, staphylococci and streptothrix are employed. In general if the disease has an origination of bacteria and virus or fungi only, then beneficial results may be obtained. A period of treatment of three to five minutes for each microorganism is considered sufficient although longer treatments have been found to be entirely harmless to skin tissue and animal and human anatomy.

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Electrostatic stress or distortion of a medium can be represented by lines of force. The direction of such a line of force is arbitrarily chosen as a path along which a unit positive charge would move if it were released and free to do so. A first and fairly complete picture was drawn up by Faraday who attributed the following characteristics to lines of force:

1. An electric field may be divided up into lines of force.

2. Each line terminates at a positive charge on one end and a negative charge on the other.

3. The lines, throughout the field, coincide with the direction of the electric stress.

4. The lines behave as though they were stretched electro elastic forces, always tending to contract and bring together the negative and positive charges.

5. A line of force between two conduction surfaces must always meet the conducting surfaces perpendicularly. This must be so from the very nature of the assumed static conditions. If a line of force entered or left a conducting surface at any other angle than normal, it would have a tangential component at the surface which would cause the movement of charges within the conductor. This would constitute a continuous electric current and since currents do not flow along the surface of a conductor in an electric field in a static system, the junction of the line of force and the surface must be a right angle.

Work in a physical sense is done on a body when a force is applied to it, causing it to move against a resistance in the direction of the force. Electrostatic attraction and repulsion violates this rule since the force is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the reacting bodies and contact is unnecessary. In the case of electrostatic forces, a condition of stress appears to exist in the medium surrounding an electric charge so that a force, acts upon a positive or negative charge placed in this medium. This condition of stress is easily detectable when the charges are sufficiently large; when large enough, the medium itself will rupture usually causing an arc discharge.


The application of positive electrons of an electrostatic space charge by means of a 50 watt frequency generator was first demonstrated clinically in 1934. The instrument was known as the "Rife Ray" and consisted of 1) the power supply or a large bank of automobile batteries with three motor generator sets to maintain direct current flow, 2) a frequency generator with modulation of audio and radio frequency waves which were variable by controls and, 3) the applicator tubes which were similar to Coolidge type x-ray tubes and were filled with helium gas which gave an emanation of positive electrons at varying frequencies forming the method of transmission from a right angle electrode which absorbed the negative electrons directly to grounded connections. '

The new electron generators, known as Frequency Instruments, consist of a rectangular housing which contains the circuit and components, dials and switches, and lead wires attached to an applicator tube. The circuit is of a variable audio frequency oscillator modulated with a variable radio frequency oscillator. For efficient transmission, the combination of radio and audio frequency is necessary to relay intelligence or electrons from the frequency instrument. This process of imparting intelligence to a audio-radio wave is called modulation. The percentage of modulation and electron emission is controlled within the circuit and by activation of variable condensers, capacitors, potentiometers, and resistors. The wave form must also be controlled for results with mortal oscillatory rates or the exact frequency employed to kill a specific bacteria, virus, or fungi. The distorted wave form is preferred.

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Current specifications for model AZ-58 Frequency Instrument are as follows:

(Model AZ-58)

Audio frequency range 100 to 6000 cps.
[Original 1938-1939 model – 160 to 42,600 cps]

Radio frequency range 4.5 M.C. to 10.5 M.C. (Actual Carrier Wave hand written on the report is - variable 3300 to 4150 KC or 3.30 M.C to 4.15 M.C.).

Maximum power input 350 watts of 110 volt 60 cycle AC.

Maximum power output 50 RF watts from the applicator.

Overall dimensions 14" high, 13” deep, 21" lg.

Output voltage 8250 rms maximum at 56 to 300 ma.

Shipping wt. 40 lbs.

An instrument of invaluable use with the Frequency Instrument has been an RF Power Meter used without an antenna. The meter is moved around the applicator tube so that the therapist can determine the direction of the maximum electron space charge stream coming from the applicator tube [Ray tube]. Since the direction of this maximum intensity varies with each tube, it is absolutely essential that the maximum energy of this space shift or transfer of positive electrons be applied in the direction of the patient’s illness. X-ray, ionizing radiation, and radioactivity is considered very harmful and this type of emanation is entirely avoided with the Frequency Instrument application. The electroscope in its charged state may be used to detect the presence of positive or negative electrons.

An improvement in electron generators has been model A-1 Frequency Instrument consisting of an audio oscillator driving two metal electrodes [Metal hand cylinders or footplates] which are attached directly to the body. The electronic circuit is housed in a rectangular metal container. The specifications for model A-1 Frequency Instrument are as follows:

(Model A-1)

Frequency range 20 to 20,000 cps.

Generator impedance 600 ohms.

Output voltage 10 volts.

Distortion Less than 0.06% 100 cps thru audible range.

Power requirements 30 watts, 110 volts 60 cycle AC.

Dimensions 7 1/2" high, 7 1/2" deep, 13 1/4" lg.

Shipping wt. 15 lbs.

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The desire for a portable unit and the elimination of the applicator tube has motivated the development of this model. With further engineering, the frequency instrument could be miniaturized into the present size of our well known present day portable radio sets. The output control of the instrument enables the operator or the patient to provide devitalization frequencies at comfortable energy levels consistent with the patients individual absorbed electron flow ability. Some patients can transmit higher voltages at identical frequencies than others.


The frequency instruments have pioneered and stimulated much activity and interest in this field of research of fundamental and far reaching importance. At the present time therapy is applied to an area much the same as the force was applied when David hit Goliath with a slingshot; the electrons are directed to specific areas but we cannot be certain that the specific areas treated are always the vital areas involved. In our animal experiments this handicap was overcome by the smallness of the animal and the subsequent adequate coverage’s of the entire contaminated areas treated and involved. With the human anatomy, area, depth, and distance become involved providing variable conditions which can be overcome by treatments of long duration over the entire body or by the employment of many frequency instruments applied to all parts of the body simultaneously and varied as requested and required by the therapist and diagnostician. It is entirely possible that we may take on a conveyor belt ride much the same as an automobile goes in and out of an infra-red baking oven in which the human anatomy will receive preventative and corrective treatments for bacteria, virus, and fungi of all types in a matter of minutes.

1. Much of the information available at present on the transmission of positive electrons into microorganisms has been gathered by revealing demonstrations of the technique of devitalization by concentrated positive electron charges in which their concentration has an equal and opposite reaction in negative electrons. This technique, discovered by Royal R. Rife about 30 years ago, consists of placing pure cultures of well known microorganisms on slides on the stages of his specially built virus microscopes. The germs under observation were treated with an electron stream of variable frequency until the mortal oscillatory rate was reached to kill them. These frequencies were attained on tests in this manner hundreds of times before recording the critical frequencies necessary to kill each specific virus, bacteria and fungi. Because of the transmission of electrons into the microorganisms, an electrostatic phenomenon forced the attraction of the positive and negatively charged microorganisms to group after death in various groups or lines of curvature. In the last years this technique has received new impetus due, on one hand to the availability and tremendous progress in electronic parts and test equipment, and on the other hand, to the discovery of direct application to the body without the need of an applicator tube. The problem of adequate coverage with this method is manifold as only small areas of the body are treated at one time with a single instrument. Additional amplification with metal harnesses or electrodes covering many areas simultaneously are contemplated for future development.

2. Several hundreds of virus, bacteria, and fungi, have now been investigated. Their study has opened doors to many scientific facts and to the development of true virus recognition by chemical color spectrum refracted, in which instead of the bacteria causing the disease, as has been commonly known, the causative agent has been demonstrated to be the prenatal cell or virus which is a chemical particle coming from the bacteria. Organism reactions to electron therapy can be summarized as in the following discussion.

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3. The directed emission of electrostatic energy and the critical frequencies producing coordinative vibratory resonance applied into and concentrating on specific microorganisms starts these parasites vibrating in a mortal oscillatory rate (MOR) which kills them dead with internal stresses of tension, compression, and paralyzing electro- static forces set up in the space field from the applicator tube of the frequency instrument. Luminous rays of helium gas cluster around the electrodes in a brilliant pulsation of pink color when the current is applied. A sealed glass envelope encloses the gas and two electrodes. One electrode has a 45 degree angle approximately and is spaced one inch apart from the other circular electrode. The transmission of electrons is operated by the activation of the helium gas with 8000 volts at 50 to 300 milliamps to the angular electrode which is connected directly to ground. This separates the negative electrons to ground and allows a concentrated emission and transmission of positive electrons into space providing and directing a space charge into microorganisms which act as miniature capacitors. The charge into these miniature capacitors results from a function of time and frequency rate (MOR) and the emission of positive electron flow forces the microorganisms into cumulative ion unbalance due to excessive positive unbalance and in some cases such as tuberculosis and streptococci an unstable spontaneous explosion and death on a microscopic scale. The obedience to electron control has found no immunity. The observation of the bursting apart of these microorganisms is similar to a mica capacitor which bursts apart at breakdown voltage after receiving an excessive amount of electricity.

4. The eye or electron space charge concentration of the applicator tube has been observed to occur at a distance of 10 to 12 inches away from the applicator tube. This distance from the tube to the illness of the patient gives the most efficient microorganism destruction and in a few days the patient usually notices a metabolistic uplift. If the electron therapy has been applied properly, this uplift will continue if survival is possible until the entire elimination of all bacteria, virus, and fungi is completed. Pain is generally relieved after the first three treatments. In some cases pain stops after the first use.

5. In 1913 Robert A. Millikan, a now famous physicist, discovered that electron flow from a Coolidge tube could be used to charge up oil droplets. His method consisting of the passing of electrons from the Coolidge tube into atomized droplets of oil so as to urge the droplet upward defying the law of gravity and then by regulating the space charge so as to hold the droplets stationary. Millikan found by balancing the force of gravity it was possible to compute the quantity of electrons absorbed on the droplets.

6. The theory of electron therapy and coordinative resonance has not yet advanced so far as to allow calculation of the MOR or the amount of electrons necessary for complete devitalization but we are very close to the lower limits because by the use of lower power, little or no results are attained. Reliance on frequencies which have been proven by direct observation over the special Rife virus microscopes for many years is employed for accurate calibration of all Frequency Instruments and people are still recovering in a painless harmless and economical manner. Improper application of the applicator tube is quite common and many therapists do not employ the proper angles required to direct the energy into the body properly. This requires training and experience. Little or no analogy has been placed with the theory of Millikan since the rise or fall of microorganisms has not taken place on our slides. There may be some slight effect however from the rise of microorganisms in the body which would of course have a compressive effect toward their destruction.

7. In the determination of an unknown culture, the filterable form would first be obtained by the use of a Berkfeld size 000 porcelain filter. The visible color is then found by rotation of two wedge shaped quartz prisms in the virus microscopes. The virus may be readily identified by their color refraction. This is the first step in determining the exact frequency to devitalize the microorganism as this color is compared to the color band of spectrum frequencies as published by the U.S. Bureau of Standards and others. The range of the devitalizing frequency is very close to the MOR frequency for the microorganism involved so that an accurate determination can be established. The discovery by Royal R. Rife that each virus has its own true color when stained with a variable monochromatic beam of matching spectrum wave length or frequency is a fundamental and far reaching achievement for the diagnosis and treatment for all types of virus. These results can only be determined with the special Rife virus microscopes built by Rife for his research only and published by the “Journal of the Franklin Institute" by R.E. Seidel M.D. and M. Elizabeth Winter on "The New Microscopes" with all plates taken over the Rife microscope, Vol. 237, No. 2, Feb 1944. The MOR is observed directly over the virus microscopes.

8. Coordinative resonance involves shattering cells or chemical constituents with resonant harmonic vibrations. The vibrations are frequencies which may be measured in cycles per second (cps) and may be generated in various mechanical and electronic methods. A mechanical image of coordinative resonance is observed when a violinist plays a certain note to crack glass. Heat may also set up residual stresses to break the glass. However, with electrostatic energy several fundamental forces are at work such as: 1) like charges of electrons which repel each other and unlike electron charges which attract each other; electrons in matter resent being thrown out of balance electronically and seek to regain balance by discharging a surplus of electrons to other matter having a deficiency of them. The tremendous force of positive electrons in a space charged field exerts an equal and opposite force on the negatively charged electrons which, as a molecular instability in single cell virus, would kill the microorganisms instantly.

9. The polarity of electrons in virus has been observed by Rife to control their power to reproduce. This discovery by Rife was accomplished by placing the virus in an electronically charged field with a positive pole at one end of the slide and a negatively charged pole at the other end. By observation over his special virus microscopes it was revealed that small quantities of virus were attracted to the positive pole and small quantities were attracted to the negative pole and a few remained in the center in a neutral or uncharged electron state. After separation of these three groups, it was found that none in each group would reproduce. The only combination of groups that would reproduce was the one in which the positive and negative group of virus were placed together. This suggests the possibility that excessive positive electron space charge could obliterate the negatively charged virus and they would die from electrostatic sterilization. No direct experimental information on this point, which may be of considerable importance, both from the theoretical and practical point of view, is at present available.

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10. The growth of microorganisms depends upon highly stabilized chemical mediums. The medium must be either acid or alkaline, the pH must be negative or positive because nothing will grow in the virus form as Rife discovered when placed in a neutral medium. The virus diseases of plants and animals are generally caused by microorganisms exhibiting certain transitional stages in a cycle under given conditions. All of the virus are fully virulent after they have passed through diatomaceous earth or porcelain filters. The filterable or transitional form represents the virus phase of an organism in its life cycle. Further Rife found that depending upon the medium used to grow virus, he could take one form of virus and grow it into another form of virus and another form and so on proving that virus are a result of biochemical and environmental factors. Thus for a body to have microorganism free health, a body should have a neutral pH. An extensive analysis shows that during the incubation period of a pathogenic microorganism in a susceptible host, it is essential, if the disease germs are to be successful in producing the disease, that they upset the metabolite balance of the host, and particularly, the mineral salt balance of the cells. When this is accomplished the stage is set for a transition of the invading organisms into their primordial or virus state. Much research remains to be accomplished on diseases as yet uncontrolled by electron therapy.

11. An Affective elimination due to constipation has been demonstrated many times by tuning the frequency instrument to B coli and applying electron therapy to the stomach area and bowels. The treatment is given for five minutes with good intensity. B coli is the bacteria of which we have millions of in our intestinal tract. Reaction may occur in ten minutes to two hours; needless to say, both of the people in our first demonstration lost control of themselves completely in a very fast action and neither of them made it to the toilet in time. In this test the electron therapy was set for the B-coli bacteria and not the B-coli virus. The harmonic used for the virus has little effect in this type of reaction. The combination of frequency with positive electron emission has been demonstrated to be of far reaching importance as it opens the possibility of the destruction of pathogenic disease producing microorganisms on a large scale.

12. Let us assume for a moment that every pathogenic microorganism has a harmonic vibration that sympathetically forces it to vibrate or resonate violently in cycles per second. This excessive vibration is frequently read on dial indicators and dials of electronic balancing machines and hand balancing machines or stands. Vibrations and wave lengths thereof are even far more reaching in liquids and cell forms owing to the incompressibility encountered. To this force add a high intensity positively charged electrostatic field vibrating at the MOR. Harmonics alone can provide the necessary destruction. The few negative electrons by comparison are highly attracted to the continual sustained field of entering positively charged electrons until there is a great shortage of negative electrons. This condition electrocutes the individual microorganism cells. It is quite conceivable that the body cells could also store up electron energy which could strike at these microorganisms on contact much the same as an electrostatic discharge jumps as a spark from the end of your finger to a car door.

13. Assuming that the harmonic resonant vibration which coordinates with the chemical constituents of a microorganism is so great that the weak cell structure collapses, it would be evident that the vibration as measured by critical frequencies alone is all that is necessary to destroy the cell but the virus would not group together after they have been killed in groups or electrostatic patterns.

14. The observation of motile living virus of the filterable form, which cannot be seen with the ordinary microscope or the electron microscope, has carried this research far in advance of presently known facts. Advanced research may seek the use of a closed circuit color television picture tube hookup making observations possible in the range of 250,000X. This set up is another expense barrier at the moment. The knowledge to be gained seems to me, however, to be worth the effort as the color visualization of microorganisms might prove invaluable in many related fields. There is indeed a chance that research along these lines which has already opened doors and new technical opportunities might open new horizons whose importance at present can only be imagined. There is a great deal of importance in the knowledge that electron therapy may someday economically sterilize our food from virus, bacteria, and fungi before we eat it thereby eliminating our primary source of infection. It is not uncommon for cancer or other disease bearing animals to be diagnosed incorrectly and the virus of disease maybe in the blood and throughout the system. Preventative treatments to our food and ourselves may prove to be more important than a great many drugs and surgical operations which overtax the human anatomy and handicap it for life.

15. Virus have an inherent factor; if the bacteria sheds a chemical particle which we know as a virus and the bacteria is motile, then the virus is motile. If the bacteria is non-motile, then the virus is non-motile. Much experimentation has been completed with non-motile virus grown under vacuum conditions. The larger release of electron energy, whose development, by the way, could easily be controlled by simple electronic devices, is indeed probably only one and very likely not the most important aspect of the problem. Far more important is to reduce the patient reaction time and the cure time in medical, biological, and physical investigations. In conclusion, much team work in related medical, biochemical, optical, and electronic fields must be forged together to reduce cure time. The stake appears important enough to justify some gambling.


Results of electron therapy have thus far been encouraging and acceptable methods have been reestablished. There is still considerable development work required to complete the potential products to be manufactured. In addition, it will be necessary to have independent laboratory tests completed, and a full knowledge that the final design for the frequency instrument will be accepted in order to assure the legality of satisfactory products.


It is recommended that further work should and must be carried on in this field of physical medicine owing to the encouraging results obtained thus far.



Grateful acknowledgement is made to Royal R. Rife for conducting the first experimental tests and for designing and building the first equipment for this scientific work.

The above information was from a historical document and it's republished here to share the state of this technology and how John Crane was utilizing it back in the 1950's.
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