Rife Machine: Royal Rife was an optical genius on the level of Nikola Tesla

The story of Royal Raymond Rife is one that at first tends to sound unbelievable but it truly can’t be denied. Enough documentation exists that you can be sure this guy was a genius who accomplished the unthinkable and was far ahead of his time.

raymond-rifeRoyal Raymond Rife was an optical genius on the level of Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, and Viktor Schauberger. Where these three infamous inventors excelled in electricity and natural energy – Rife created breakthroughs first in optical instrumentation based on the ultra powerful microscopes which he designed and built.

Of course Royal Rife's breakthrough with cancer has drawn more attention to his “Rife Machines” than his optical inventions.

The machines that were used by a few lucky doctors that had one of the handful of actual rife machines that were ever manufactured in the 1930’s. Keep in mind that there were other machines produced later but none of them had the capability to work like the 1930’s machines that were designed by Royal Rife’s engineer Phillip Hoyland.

Why didn’t these other rife machines (from the 40’s and 50’s) work as well?

And Why did these machines from the 30’s really work so well?

In case you didn’t hear about it Royal Rife’s cancer fighting technology was tested at USC in 1934 with 16 human subjects that had late stage cancer. While most of the documentation on this trial has disappeared there are some things we know about it…

  1. The Frequency Generators were standard ‘off the shelf’ frequency generators (radio oscillators) with the exception of ONE amplifier.
  2. An entire table full of frequency generators were used in order to cover the frequency ranges Royal Rife was using.

Philip Hoyland was Rife’s electrical engineer in his lab – while Rife’s expertise was the optical instrumentation Hoyland was paid by Rife to document which frequencies were working for Rife. Then he was to design a smaller instrument that could be put into production.

Four years later in 1938 Hoyland had completed the instrument for the corp partnership which they had established called “Beam Rays Corporation”. This Beam Rays rife machine is THE machine that was used by a handful of doctors with great success in the late 1930’s and 1940’s but only a few were produced before the demise of that partnership due to a legal battle in 1939 between Hoyland and Rife.

So how did this machine work?

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The working principle of this machine was not well understood until very recently – only in the last couple years has this been rediscovered.

Continue Reading and you’ll see how this unfolded…

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