Did Big Bird Get A Covid Vaccine?


Of course this is a ridiculous question but last week Sanjay Gupta from CNN (chief medical correspondent I believe is his title) appeared on Sesame Street in an appearance that wreaked of promotion Pfizer's vax to children. He claimed that it would stop the spread of the virus, this is patently false and he knows it.

No science exists to prove that any of the EUA products (Pfizer BioNtech, Comirnaty, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson) will prevent the spread of the so-called SARS-Cov2 virus.

A number of attorneys are discussing strategy on how to instigate a lawsuit against Gupta and possibly CNN in their role in this illegal promotion of these shots that are proven to significantly increase teen risk of myocarditis and pericarditis especially in boys. With the limited amount of research that has been done with safety on these shots it should be expected that these particular risks may also affect younger children!

The FDA panel that allowed these EUAs to extend to children 5-11 years old are clearly corrupt (see 2nd and 3rd videos below!).

This clip from The Highwire with Del Bigtree and Jeffrey Jaxen covers this news quite well:

Speaking of the corruption in the revolving door system that is the FDA Patrick Howley from NationalFile.com covered that very well recently as you can see below:

Please use critical thinking before judging reporters on these subjects because there are plenty of investigative reporters covering these subjects in detail. Here's David Knight on similar topic from a couple weeks ago:

Another question ran through my mind when looking at this Sesame Street video: Have these shots been "approved" for birds?

And since when is Sanjay Gupta using his influence to stop some sort of Avian Flu?

All serious joking aside this just takes media influence to another level if this isn't challenged in the courts but unfortunately the damage is done once something like this airs on mainstream media. Millions of parents have already run out to get their child vaccinated with a product that has a notorious safety record. A safety record that only gets ignored by public officials and hidden by mainstream media and power brokers who own big tech platforms that censor all dissenting views, including those of children that were harmed and killed by these products.

Senator Ron Johnson held a press conference to help expose some of those voices and that was covered quite well in this video:

Clearly the voice of the flight nurse and these parents who are now suffering these losses need to be heard.

As usual you can find these video clips and subscribe to my channel on bitchute here:


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