Are You Open To Learning More About The Covid Shots?


This is what a friend asked a young woman in front of me so cordially it made me realize how important this was in order for the information to be well received.

She had just got a shot so she could go to a festival that was requiring them and her arm was hurting enough that it had become a subject of conversation. I was keeping my mouth shut mostly because I didn't want to freak her out about what I know.

Her response was simply that she didn't think she would get the second shot.

The fact that she allowed herself to be (rather unknowingly) subjected to medical experimentation to go to a summer music festival really shocked me. I knew this was coming but it still hit hard.

But if you ask that question: Are you open to learning more about these shots?

And get an affirmative answer here's 10 questions you might follow up with:

  1. Are you aware that pharmaceutical companies and the medical community have immunity from liability for injuries caused by COVID-19 vaccines?

  2. If a company will not stand behind its product and pay for injuries, do you think consumers (music festival attendees) and students should have to bear the risk of being injected with that product?

  3. Has the long-term safety of any COVID-19 vaccine been established?

  4. Are you aware that myocarditis (swelling of the heart muscle) has occurred after COVID-19 vaccination, especially in young males but also in young females?

  5. Are you aware that thrombocytopenia has occurred after COVID-19 vaccination, especially among young females?

  6. Are you aware the spike protein created by the vaccine is a toxin and travels throughout the body?

  7. Do you know the rate of severe COVID-19 in university age (music festival age?) students?

  8. Are you aware that a large percentage of students have already had COVID-19 and have superior natural immunity?

  9. Are you aware of the serious conflicts of interest  in the development and trials of these novel vaccines?

  10. Why require the vaccine when it is available to anyone who thinks they need it?

(source: 6/24/21 episode modified slightly)

A lot more has come up this past week so I'll try to summarize...

One of those items is a former MP in Canadian Parliament Derek Sloan held a press conference where he invited doctors and spoke out against the medical tyranny.

One of the doctors who presented was Dr. Byram Bridle, associate professor of viral immunology, University of Guelph. He has been a recent whistleblower about the Japanese study that was leaked which shows that the spike protein from these shots travels throughout the body of those injected accumulating in most organs with high levels in ovaries and testes. This is of course contrary to the premise that the spike protein stays at the injection site.

Further down in this post you'll see Dr Byram Bridle's original interview which he did with Alex Pierson.

For the video below Dr Bridle's presentation starts at 9:20
Dr Patrick Phillips starts at 23:05
Dr Don Welsh starts at 28:50:

We'll see how long that one lasts on youtube but plenty of us will be ready to repost this on other platforms as the censorship ramps up on this exposure.

Next up in the highly qualified whistleblower Dr Peter McCullough,who is a well published author who has some of the most cited medical papers published. As a prolific, published medical writer he's using his clout to take a stand against the medical tyranny and get the word out for what he calls biological terrorism.

In this interview Dr McCullough is on with Reiner Fuellmich, an international lawyer known for taking on Volkswagen and powerful bankers who is now taking on the cabal of COVID-19 and the Great Reset agenda.

That was taken from a longer interview I'll post below in case anyone wants to absorb the whole thing but if you haven't seen Dr McCullough's May 27th video it's an important one to watch because it's very concise:

And here's the full interview with Dr Peter McCullough and Reiner Fuellmich:

If you haven't yet seen the original Dr Byram Bridle interview here it is:

Please share your thoughts on these subjects in the comments below. And if you've found this post to be helpful please share it with your friends and spread the word. The more you spread these messages the more people that may be saved from these bio-weapons that are being "sold" to the public as a health product.


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Festival Image courtesy of: Pemberton Music Festival

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