Your Favorite Orange Juice Could Be Increasing Your Risk of Cancer


Orange juice might be a healthy drink but commercial fruit juices could be tainted with carcinogenic chemicals. A new report revealed that Tropicana, along with 5 other popular fruit juice brands, contains disturbingly high levels of glyphosate.

Glyphosate is a cancer-causing compound used in agriculture chemicals. Other juice brands tainted with glyphosate are Minute Maid, Signature Farms, Kirkland, and Stater Bros.

Tropicana is one of five major brands to test positive for glyphosate according to one non-profit’s lab results.

As far as healthy drinks go, few are more popular in the United States than a glass of orange juice with breakfast. The average American consumes about 2.7 gallons of “OJ” per year, and about 2/3 of limited-service restaurants offer it as a beverage choice.

When properly made (especially fresh-squeezed and organic), orange juice can be extraordinarily healthy for a wide variety of reasons.

It’s rich in vitamin C, fiber, and contains antioxidants that help protect and nourish the skin among many other benefits.

But if you drink orange juice in the United States, you may be getting far more than you bargained for — a surprisingly high dose of one of the most controversial chemicals in the world, one that happens to be linked to cancer, and also serves as the main ingredient in Monsanto’s flagship herbicide.

And unfortunately for the many thousands of people who drink them every day, the most popular brands in the United States are among those most affected.

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