You Must Vaccinate To Protect Me?


The logic of requiring someone else to get a vaccine in order to protect you seems absurd to me. Clearly it's part of the idea of vaccine created herd immunity but that concept has never been tested because there's never been a situation that achieved that high level of uptake in the population.

Even the times in history where tens of millions of people were vaccinated against a particular disease (such as polio) were arguably an utter failure due vaccine injuries which were (as they are being now) attempted to be swept under the rug under the guise of "breakthrough infections". With polio these were side effects of the vaccine shots whereas the history shows that the original paralyzed children were affected by a toxic reaction to various pesticides designed to paralyze and kill insects but ultimately also paralyzed and killed small humans as well.

As you may have noticed I appreciate David Knight and his articulate way of presenting information in this rather controversial time we live in.

Here are some recent David Knight show clips that I found to be important recently.

The first is pretty obvious to some of us but he states it clearly - why do I need to get a vaccine to protect someone else?

This next one is a great uprising at a local meeting with Governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas where his constituents literally tore him apart. These people were clearly well prepared for this while the governor was not. This is the kind of grassroots work we need to do in our local communities to stop the madness that is clearly set to take away all our freedom and liberties:

And here we have Knight's comparison between Virus vs Violence and coming to very interesting numbers showing that the agenda is clearly promoting violence while the effects of a virus are dwindling even with the erroneous PCR test. Violence is the clear killer and David Knight articulates this quite well:

Is science determined by a majority vote? Is morality determined by a morality vote? Are your ethics determined by the situation you are in?

WarrentonDeclaration is a declaration on medical mandates, Biblical ethics and authority (or lack of authority) and it's an important resource for the opposition.

Should you do whatever the government no matter what? What if a government disobeys their allegiance to the Constitution? After all the Constitution is supposed to be "the king" of our land in the United States of America.

I like how David Knight metaphorically discusses these government entities as being nothing more than roving gangs in their authority due to their breach of the allegiance to the Constitution:

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