WHO Warns About Antibiotic Resistance


The World Health Organization (WHO) made quite the revelation when the global health organization outlined the antibiotics that are dangerous to the health.

WHO warns that antibiotic use should only be considered as a last resort when all other treatments fail. Statistics show that drug resistance has been killing more people than cancer.

In the report, WHO said changes within pharma companies must be made to keep antibiotic resistance under control, noting that changes are intended “to ensure that antibiotics are available when needed and that the right antibiotics are prescribed for the right infections.”

In June the World Health Organization (WHO) published a new classification of antibiotics aimed at fighting drug resistance, with penicillin-type drugs recommended as the first line of defense, and others only when absolutely necessary. 

It is the largest revision of the antibiotics section in the WHO Essential Medicines List in its 40-year history.

 Scientists have warned that drug resistance is a health crisis in the making, and could kill more people than cancer. To put that in perspective, the WHO said in 2014 that it expected cancer cases to surge 57% worldwide over the next 2 decades. Thirty-nine antibiotics for 21 common syndromes are included in the “Essential Medicines List.”


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