Where Do You Get Your News?


As every subject gets more and more politicized where you get your news is clearly more important now than it ever was. Are your sources being censored? Are they finding alternative networks to get their message out?

This subject has lost me many friends this past year as the public has fallen into deep states of fear and handed their civil rights to criminal politicians on a silver platter. Is it now RADICAL to expect medical freedom and informed consent? Is it radical to expect religious freedom and a fair and just election process?

As I've plunged into the dataverse of reporters publishing on current events quite a bit has been rather disappointing. Political leanings and bias riddle the reporting whether it's left or right.

What we all need more now than ever is the crucial skill of critical thinking after all it's not what you read or watch but how you interpret the data which may be the most important part. Can you see through any political bias that your favorite news reporter has and only internalize what actually makes logical sense and avoid the partisan leanings?

That said one of the people on my radar that I consider very transparent in his non-partisan viewpoints is David Knight. "David makes sense common again" said one review which was noticed while writing this. He does a 3 hour show every weekday morning. 

Please comment below the videos what you think of David Knight's show! I don't like the ads so much either but they are at the end so you can just stop the video after the content.





Here are some interesting clips from some recent shows:

This one is about the US Government's obsessions with mind control:


In this one he comments on the #GreatReset and snips the recent World Economic Forum leader Klaus Schwab's discussion of the "Reset" last week. 


And here he discusses Dr Scott Atlas' tweet saying to stand up to the tyranny of new shutdown orders in Michigan instituted by governor Whitmer. If we don't stand up will we lose the last of our freedom and rights we haven't lost yet?




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3 comments on “Where Do You Get Your News?”

  1. David Knight is a rare individual. Not speaking from a teleprompter, he gives his daily views on many topics intelligently and passionately. He refuses to speak from a cultic viewpoint and looks at both sides as flawed. Freedom is his focus and he is not relying on a messiah figure or an entrenched system to provide it. Personal choices today are the key. To me this embodies the spirit of America and freedom worldwide.

  2. The post was interesting but my response to it was not shown. So I thought I would send another comment with no real opinions to see if this was allowed

  3. Sounds like an interesting source of info. Would have been nice if you had provided links and if the images for the clips were clickable.

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