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When Chemotherapy Fails, What Do You Do?


What do you do when conventional cancer treatments fail to produce a positive outcome? This is exactly what thousands of cancer patients fear but conventional treatments do not guarantee the complete eradication of the disease.

In fact, we know hundreds of cases where the cancer came back to patients who were in complete remission for years. Using all natural remedies may not be widely accepted in the scientific community but they are proven to work just as effectively as conventional cancer treatments. Flaxseed, for instance, may be key to eradicating the disease and it is worth looking into. 

A new study published in the International Journal of Oncology illustrates an important shift occurring in medical research today, namely, a growing recognition that conventional treatments like chemotherapy, taken alone, are failing to produce positive results and that the use of natural substances may be an indispensable way to improve outcomes.

In the study titled, Combining doxorubicin with a phenolic extract from flaxseed oil: Evaluation of the effect on two breast cancer cell lines, Italian researchers sought to evaluate the possible synergistic role of an extract of flaxseed in combination with the conventional chemo-drug doxorubicin in a number of breast cancer cell lines.

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