What is the Future of the World Economy?


Richard Nixon too the United States off the gold standard 50 years ago last Friday from this posting and this is an important time to reflect on the direction the global economic system is heading. Historically fiat economies fail eventually rendering the value of printed currency the value of their BTUs that can be generated when burning to heat your home. Of course these days most of the currency is virtual ones and zeros on a screen likely even more susceptible to devaluation in times of extreme dilution by creating more and more "money" out of nothing.

What we should really be concerned about is the ushering in of a central bank digital currency.

This is not going to be "bitcoin" or "etherium" but a crypto type of fiat currency that can be controlled by the central bank and government which can turn you off from commerce just like they are trying to turn people out of their rights to engage in commerce for those who don't have a covid jab.

The fact that central banks are buying up gold by the massive truckloads right now is testament to the reality of this situation. They are keeping these prices low for gold and silver so they can buy them up at wholesale prices.

David Knight did a commemorative interview with Tony Arteburn from WiseWolf.gold on these topics which you can watch here:

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