What Is Money, Really?


As the financial systems are collapsing worldwide it feels like there is a growing populace that is more interested in understanding this thing we call "money" now more than ever.

After all this is something that has been used to enslave humanity for eons yet the general population only knows that they can exchange it for goods and services and that their labor may allow them to accumulate it. There's clearly an energy in that but historically there's a lot more we should know about the difference between "money" and "currency".

What we generally think of as "money" is actually "currency" which is far different from constitutional money (gold and silver). As societies have deviated away from "money" that is backed by such things as gold and silver and continually debased their currencies by printing more and more paper money one thing is for sure, all the historical "fiat" currencies have hyperinflated to a zero value in the end.

As I started to get very into researching these topics about 20 years ago I ran across Mike Maloney and found that he explained it incredibly well. He did a series on the history of money called "The Hidden Secrets of Money" which is quite phenomenal and even though it's a few years old now it's still incredibly relevant - probably more now than when he first produced this series.

So here's the first few parts of that series. If you like these you can find the rest on www.HiddenSecretsofMoney.com

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

There are many more parts to this and they are all available on youtube (luckily they haven't censored this part of history!).

Here's a quick version of the story in about 4 minutes like Greg Reese is so great at doing:

To further put this into current context here's a recent video from Josh at World Alternative Media:

Many of the videos we post here and more can be seen on our bitchute channel which you can visit and subscribe to here:


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