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Was Your Lot a Toxic Death Shot?


Shocking new information has been coming out that is rather hard to believe, especially if you've only recently been "red-pilled" with the details of the deeper agenda behind the covid narrative.

We've already reported on the inconsistency of the lots of covid-19 shots but more information has been coming out in the last few weeks from a group calling itself Project Enigma that seems to be a worldwide group of insiders with deep knowledge about pharmaceutical manufacturing. They are sharing their data on and which appear to be mirror of the same site.

On those websites you can look up any lot number from at least the 4 major brands: Moderna, Pfizer, Janssen (J&J) and Astra Zeneca. From there you'll see how many reported adverse events were associated with that batch. This includes how many overall adverse event reports, disabilities, life threatening illnesses, and deaths, They also provide plenty of additional information.

There are some videos relating to this new information.

I'll start with a recent report from Stew Peters about this:

And this is a video from Project Enigma about this research:

As usual the videos can be accessed directly and you can subscribe to our bitchute channel here:

Please share this information and this post with anyone that might be ready to snap out of the mass formation so at least they might stop getting boosters of these toxic bio-weapon shots.

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