Was "War on Terror" a Prequel to a "War on Germs"?


If you've followed my work for awhile you may have noticed that I come from a perspective of bio-terrain theory which is the idea that what we feed our system through the entirety of our interaction with the environment literally creates our balance in our system and that when we provide great nutrition, clean air, clean water, minimum radiation, good exercise (oxygen) then we can create a healthy system.

The history of the germ theory on the other hand is very interesting to say the least because it involved a lot of vested interests that would prefer to sell pharma drugs to you to heal your remedies than help you to solve any particular health condition.

Of course this history goes way back to Louis Pasteur and the fued he had with Antoine Bechamp and even Pasteur was said to have admitted on his deathbed that "Bechamp was right!" Whether this happened or not the simplicity of the bio-terrain theory sure seems to make more and more sense to people as we get more understanding about concepts like the micro-biome and it's importance in maintaining optimum health.

So was there a pivot from warring on a concept like "terror" (which arguably makes no sense as it seems like fighting terror with more terror) over to a "war on germs" to create an even more profitable, never ending campaign against the population?

Who better to listen to on this subject than Robert F Kennedy - here's a recent interview where he discusses this in the context of the "pandemic" we are experiencing now.

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