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Truth is that these aren't extreme alternative doctors like a lot of the stuff I post on here. But these are the true doctors that really care, and even if they aren't talking about terrain theory, exosomes or any cutting edge stuff like that they can tell you a lot about what's really going on with the so-called "Covid" phenomena because they are living and breathing it every day.

Of course, they are also risking their careers by exposing what's really going on that the mainstream media is spinning left, right and center until the majority of the public is confused beyond belief and simply complying with the idiocracy of our current time.

So if you are wondering whether it's actually safe for your child to go back to school and truly concerned about the concepts of online learning for children being a total failure you may want to watch this entire, full-day presentation which is being censored by all the major media outlets right now.

Please keep in mind they did have a few audio problems but only small sections of audio are missing.

I was trying to start this post with Dr. Erickson's presentation (which starts at 1:19:12) just because I thought it was the most succinct of all the talks in this Part 1 which in total is over 3 hours long with hopes that once you watch it you'll want to just rewind and watch it from the beginning. However, I'm having some issues with the code the would do that automatically. Please advance it manually if you like to approx 1:19:12 to see his talk first.

Dr. Dan Erickson has already been made famous a couple of months ago for him and his business partner's censored viral video where he revealed the actual numbers he was seeing in his group of multiple clinics in Southern California which setup and conducted massive PCR testing revealing two things - the numbers of positive PCR tests were decreasing and the overall sickness level was very mild even among those that tested positive.

Here's Dr. Dan Erickson with an up to date report from the frontline:

And Session Two is worth watching as well so here's that video. It has already been removed from Youtube so here it is on lbry so you can enjoy censorship-free viewing.

The long story-short that you'll learn in session two is that the fraudulent studies that were eventually retracted about Hydroxychloroquine which basically said it was dangerous (after 65+ years of safe use) were essentially used to help boost the stock value of Gillead (pharma maker of Remdesivir) because Hydroxychloroquine is a competitor of this on-patent drug.

On top of all this political garbage before the two fraudulent studies were retracted the FDA basically banned a drug with 65 years of safe use that is used extensively in a number of ways in both India (who is the largest manufacturer of it) and Sub-Saharan Africa. In the 6 largest countries of Sub-Saharan Africa where it's used extensively both for prevention and treatment of Malaria they have hundreds of times LESS Covid than any of the countries that were hit with high numbers!

So essentially the best hypothesis is that these African countries where Hydroxychloroquine is used extensively have virtually non-existent covid just as a side effect of the use of this drug that is now essentially banned in the US!

Watch it all directly from these doctors who are risking their careers for sharing the truth:

If these videos get pulled again from youtube we will update the embed codes and post them from one of the censorship free platforms so please contact us right away if this post seems broken so we can get it fixed.

Please post in the comments your thoughts about these presentations.

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  1. you are medical heroes
    hope you can also speak to the 5g agenda as a depopulation ploy.
    keep me on your subscriber list if you can make one

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