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There's a lot of noise out there these days it gets hard to decide what to spend your time on and know what's really important. Sifting through all this and finding meaning is important so you can discover the truth behind all the smoke and mirrors.

This is one of those youtube "documentaries" which is actually an edit of some big snippets of other documentaries but they did a decent job with it. You'll see they actually had a specific purpose and timing for the different parts. I'm pretty sure the snippet in the middle is from Scott Noble's Metanoia "Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century" which was a powerful documentary in itself so I'll post that below also.

One additional thing I'll add is that I found the beginning to be rather annoying so if you post a comment agreeing with me about that I'll try to fix the embed so it starts after that. I get it they are trying to make a point but it seems some folks might get turned away - but if that's you just advance the video to at least 7:45.

And by the way there's nothing about the flat earth theory in these videos!

Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 2oth Century:

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One comment on “This Video Will Help Expand Your Mind”

  1. I guess I was red pilled long before the term was formed. Exposed to "None dare call it conspiracy" by Gary Allen, then "Tragedy and Hope" by Carroll Quigley before the reprints. Then by fate rubbed shoulders with "Manhunt"by Peter Maas. There are so many devious agendas by self serving psychopaths it is beyond average comprehension. The veil is being lifted and they have long believed they were unstoppable. Maybe with exposure we have a chance.

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