These Superfoods are Your Best Defense Against Cancer


Another reason to love Brussels sprouts and green tea, these antioxidant-rich foods have the ability to "turn-off" cancer genes and make malignant tumors easier to treat.

According to the results, lab rats fed with these superfoods made the subjects resistant to cancer, turning malignant lumps and aggressive cancer into treatable tumors. Researchers concluded that boosting a person's intake of Brussels sprouts and green tea decreases the risk of breast cancer significantly.

(Natural News) A new study finds that eating brussel sprouts and drinking green tea can “turn off” aggressive breast cancer genes and make tumors treatable, as reported by The Daily Mail.

The researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) conducted an experiment on laboratory rats with estrogen receptor (ER)-negative breast cancer. Trygve Tollefsbol and his team used epigenetics, the study of biological mechanisms that will switch genes on and off. (Related: Breast cancer cells controlled by lifestyle factors, plant nutrient combination and epigenetic changes.)

“One way we can use epigenetics as a powerful tool to fight cancer is through compounds found in our everyday diet,” Tollefsbol, study author and professor from the UAB, said in an article by Nutrition Insight.

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  1. I have a friend who recommended Spiralina - they said it is the healthiest super food. Now 20 years later this same friend hasn't aged a day.

    That to me says everything.

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