The Royal Rife Story Documentary


The Royal Rife Story is a definitive documentary about the life and work of Royal Raymond Rife who was a genius in optical engineering and coordinative resonance technology. In this documentary you'll learn all about the trials and tribulations that he went through for inventing such revolutionary technology.

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3 comments on “The Royal Rife Story Documentary”

  1. I’ve been fascinated about Royal Raymond Rife since I heard about him and his Rife Machine.
    Thanks Josh for supplying it to me.

  2. Well aware of Royal Rifes tragic life. I’m an Academy Certified Electroceutical Specialist.,I work at “The Wave Lounge” at 2470 Chandler Ave. #6 Las Vegas, NV. 89120
    I do 8 minute BEMER Sessions . Here’s what I do
    This technology is “Changing Lives”” and the medical industry as we know it. Call me 310-218-9057

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