The Real Truth About Coronavirus Revealed by Smart Doctors

The real truth has been revealed about Coronavirus/COVID-19 by the smartest doctors out there as well as a few other very qualified professionals. I'm taking a temporary hiatus on my video posting because these brave doctors and other top researchers (that have more credentials than me 😉 have been sharing great information lately.

Sure, I've said some of the same things but I'm not an MD so when an alternative MD risks his reputation to expose the truth it's worth paying attention to so check out these videos.

Dr Rashid Battar

Dr Andrew Kaufman has shared a lot of great information during this crazy media manipulation of public opinion. Are you afraid of getting a virus? If so this is a very important video for you to watch (as all the others on this page are!) 

Sayer Ji is a very smart researcher who runs the site and he has also been sharing some cutting edge information about how all this information fits together. When you see all of these I think you'll find it all makes good logical sense.

I'll be sharing more videos as more information becomes available. These are some of the best ones I've run across in the last few days so I wanted to make sure you had access to this information.

Please share your thoughts below in the comments.

Photo By DES Daughter

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5 comments on “The Real Truth About Coronavirus Revealed by Smart Doctors”

  1. Hi Joshua,
    As you must be aware, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is running for the U.S. senate up here in MA..
    Check out his interview with Mike Adams on the Natural News website. Like Sayer, he is an order of magnitude beyond the priests in the Religion of Modern Medicine.

  2. Josh I could not bring up sound for Rooster.
    Regenerate was much too technical for the average person.
    Doc. Buttar was way out and beyond """GREAT"""

    1. Yes Carl many of the videos I've posted this past year have been censored and since I don't have a big staff we haven't always been able to find new postings of these censored videos when they were not my videos but videos from others that I shared. Thanks for your concern.

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