The Hidden Health Threats of Micro Chipping?


Studies show that microchipping could increase the risk of cancer. A 1998 study found that 10% of microchipped mice developed cancer. In France, another study found that 4% of mice that are microchipped in 2006 developed tumors, which the lead author attributed to implanted microchips.

But these grim studies did not stop a Micro Chip company from conducting a chip party for its employees. Although microchipping has been approved by the FDA in 2004 for medical purposes, some studies found that the electromagnetic field (EMF) that these chips emit causes cancer, among other health problems.

Wisconsin Company Will Microchip Their Employees During a “Chip Party”

The concern about RIFD chips being inserted into people has been steadily growing over the years, and now the first U.S. company has officially made the leap.

A company in Wisconsin is going to microchip over 50 of their employees during what they call a “chip party.” While right now this is voluntary, it’s not hard for employers to put it into the contract to make it mandatory. Is this a future that we are moving towards? And if so, are their known and still unknown health repercussions?

The first employee microchipping will take place on August 1 at Three Square Market (32M), according to their press release. The rice-size chips will be implanted between the thumb and the forefinger just underneath the skin and will be used to pay at the vending machines, to open doors, and to use office equipment: computers, phones, and copy machines. The company says there will not be a GPS tracker installed.

Image courtesy of: StanfordEng

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