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The 5G Surveillance Grid Part 1


Recently I did a talk at a local group called "The 5G Surveillance Grid - Full Spectrum Dominance" which is the first of a series of talks I'll be conducting about 5G technology.

Here's the outline (see video below) of what was covered in part 1:

  • 5G Phones or Machine to Machine communication (IOT)?
  • Wireless Densification
  • Military technology used in conquered territories
  • Residential deployment in your neighborhood. S.M.A.R.T. acronym (Secret Military Armaments in Residential Technology)
  • Phased Array Antennas, Beam forming and Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)
  • mmWave vs C Band and lower frequency ranges in different carriers and regions
  • WiGig IOT
  • AirGig & Backscatter use of existing electrical infrastructure
  • 6G and terahertz
  • SMART Cities
  • LED Streetlights
  • SMART Grid
  • Data aggregation for ads and surveillance (dual use)
  • Personal Data - your habits monetized for profit by corporations
  • Surveillance State and the Social Credit Score
  • Green Pass / Vaccine Passport
  • Biometric Surveillance BCI/BMI & Psychotronics
  • IoB / IoNT and nanotech injections
  • BioAPI
  • PFN/TRAC Patent 6965816 11/05 (a loaded stealth patent which involves control over people defined as "wet-ware")
  • Graphene Nano-Antennas & Biochips (nano self-assembly)
  • Artificial Neuronal Networks & Synthetic Biology
  • MATra - magnetic assisted transfection
  • Magnetofection and it's connection to Transhumanism

Here's the video of the presentation with an extended ending that I shot later because there was a time constraint on the end so it was originally rather rushed at the end. Want to see the rest of the videos in this series when they are uploaded? Subscribe on this page and you'll get those right away when completed.

In the future I will likely put this on our Bitchute channel but for now it's on our private video host.

Please share this post with anyone that you think will appreciate this information and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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