Thanksgiving Vaccine Mandate Updates


With so many cases challenging the OSHA mandates challenges pending in multiple appeals courts they do a lottery assignment so they all are decided in one circuit. The circuit that was chosen was the 6th circuit which appears to be a benefit to those apposed to the mandates.

As a reminder the 5th circuit recently put a stay on the OSHA mandate meaning as it stands currently it's blocked. Now we will see if the 6th circuit upholds that stay. And by the way the 5th circuit stay applies in all states so there is currently NO OSHA mandate for private businesses with 100+ employees.

Any employer that says they are enforcing such a mandate is doing so illegally at this present time.

Legal professionals such as Robert Barnes believe that the 6th circuit is likely to uphold the stay decided by the 5th circuit and that this OSHA mandate will be completely dead in the rather near future and won't be appealed to the supreme court due to the likelihood that the supreme court would only further bolster the illegality of such a mandate.

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